TC discography

Queen Singles

NetherlandsRADIO GA-GA/I Go CrazyTC PSin 12" size packagingaveragedefinite
United StatesRADIO GA-GA(ext)/Radio Ga-Ga(inst)/I Go CrazyTC PSCapitol 4V-8575-commondefinite
United KingdomA Message From QueenTC(none)fan-club 1986 cassetteaveragedefinite
New ZealandFRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS(ext)/Friends Will Be Friends/Gimme The PrizeTC PSEMI TC GOOD125-averagedefinite
New ZealandWHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER(edit)/Who Wants To Live Forever/Don't Lose Your Head/ForeverTC PSEMI TC GOOD142-averagedefinite
United KingdomI WANT IT ALL/Hang On In There/I Want It All(edit)TC PSParlophone TC QUEEN 10-commondefinite
AustraliaI WANT IT ALL/Hang On In There/I Want It All(edit)TC PS-commondefinite
United StatesI WANT IT ALL/Hang On In ThereTC PSCapitol 4JM-44372-commondefinite
United KingdomBREAKTHRU/StealinTC PSParlophone TC QUEEN 11-commondefinite
United StatesBREAKTHRU/I Want It AllTC PSCapitol 4JM-44426-commondefinite
United KingdomTHE INVISIBLE MAN/Hijack My HeartTC PSParlophone TC QUEEN 12-commondefinite
United KingdomSCANDAL/My Life Has Been SavedTC PSParlophone TC QUEEN 14card sleevecommondefinite
United StatesSCANDAL/My Life Has Been Saved [picture - 25k]TC PSCapitol 4JM 44457green card sleeveaveragedefinite
United KingdomTHE MIRACLE/Stone Cold Crazy(live)TC PSParlophone TC QUEEN 15card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomINNUENDO/BijouTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 16card sleevecommondefinite
NetherlandsINNUENDO/BijouTC PS-commondefinite
AustraliaINNUENDO/BijouTC PS-commondefinite
United KingdomI'M GOING SLIGHTLY MAD/The HitmanTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 17card sleevecommondefinite
NetherlandsI'M GOING SLIGHTLY MAD/The HitmanTC PS-commonreport
United StatesTHESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES/BijouTC PSHollywood HR-46868-4card sleeveaveragedefinite
United KingdomHEADLONG/All God's PeopleTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 18card sleevecommondefinite
United StatesHEADLONG/Under PressureTC PSHollywood HR 64920 4clown sleeve,card sleevecommondefinite
United StatesHEADLONG(radio edit)TC PSone-sidedaverageadvert
New ZealandHEADLONG/The HitmanTC PSParlophone 2576-4-commondefinite
United KingdomTHE SHOW MUST GO ON/Keep Yourself AliveTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 19card sleevecommondefinite
GermanyTHE SHOW MUST GO ON/Keep Yourself AliveTC PSParlophone 206-2045334card sleevecommondefinite
AustraliaTHE SHOW MUST GO ON/Keep Yourself AliveTC PS-commondefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVESTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 20card sleevecommondefinite
United StatesTHE SHOW MUST GO ON/BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY [picture - 18k]TC PSHollywood HR-64794-4-commondefinite
United StatesWE ARE THE CHAMPIONS/WE WILL ROCK YOU/We Are The Champions/These Are The Days Of Our LivesTC PSHollywood HR-64725-4-commondefinite
NetherlandsWE WILL ROCK YOU(live)/WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS(live)TC PS-commondefinite
United StatesSOMEBODY TO LOVE(live)/Love Of My Life(live)TC PSHollywood HR-64647-4includes "Love Of My Life" live in Riocommondefinite
CanadaSOMEBODY TO LOVE(live)/These Are The Days Of Our Lives(live)/Dear Friends+3TC PSHollywood 96-14794includes "Dear Friends"commondefinite
United KingdomHEAVEN FOR EVERYONE(edit)/It's A Beautiful DayTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 21-commondefinite
United StatesHEAVEN FOR EVERYONE(edit)/Soul BrotherTC PSHollywood HR-64006-4card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomA WINTER'S TALETC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 22card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomTOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU/We Will Rock You/We Are The ChampionsTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 23-commondefinite
United StatesTOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU/Rock In Rio BluesTC PSHollywood HR-64005-4card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomLET ME LIVE/Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle RaceTC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 24picture disccommondefinite
United KingdomYOU DON'T FOOL ME/You Don't Fool Me(remix)TC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 25card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomNO ONE BUT YOU/TIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN/We Will Rock You(ruined)/Gimme The Prize(inst)TC PSParlophone TCQUEEN 27-commonreport
United KingdomUNDER PRESSURE(rah)/Bohemian Rhapsody/Thank God It's ChristmasTC PS-commonreport

Queen Albums

United KingdomQueenTC-commondefinite
United KingdomQueenTCEMI TC FA 3040Fame reissuecommondefinite
United KingdomQueenTCParlophone TCPCSD 139remastercommondefinite
United StatesQueen/Queen IITCElektra 60252-4-P2-on-1 cassettecommondefinite
United StatesQueenTCHollywood HR-61064-4-commondefinite
PolandQueenTCPoker 967-commondefinite
United KingdomQueen IITCEMI TC EMA 767-commondefinite
United KingdomQueen IITCEMI FA41 3099 1Fame reissuecommondefinite
United KingdomQueen IITCParlophone TCPCSD 140remastercommondefinite
United StatesQueen IITCElektra 75082-commondefinite
United StatesQueen IITCHollywood HR-61064-4-commondefinite
ArgentinaQueen IITCEMI 18031Spanish titlescommondefinite
MexicoQueen IITCEMI CLEM 531/33C 262-95186-commondefinite
Saudi ArabiaQueen IITCPyramid P-2633-averagedefinite
United KingdomSheer Heart AttackTCEMI TC EMC 3061white cassettecommondefinite
United KingdomSheer Heart AttackTCEMI TC EMC 3061cream cassettecommondefinite
United KingdomSheer Heart AttackTCParlophone TCPCSD 129remastercommondefinite
United StatesSheer Heart AttackTCElektra TC-51026-commondefinite
United StatesSheer Heart AttackTCHollywood HR-61036-4-commondefinite
United StatesSheer Heart Attack/JazzTCElektra 60254-4-P2-on-1 cassettecommondefinite
IndiaSheer Heart AttackTC-commondefinite
United KingdomA Night At The OperaTCEMI TC EMTC 103-commondefinite
United KingdomA Night At The OperaTCParlophone TCPCSD 130remastercommondefinite
SpainA Night At The OperaTC-commondefinite
BrazilA Night At The OperaTCEMI 31C 264 97176-commondefinite
ArgentinaUna Nocha En La OperaTCSpanish Titlescommondefinite
PolandA Night At The OperaTC-commondefinite
TurkeyA Night At The OperaTC-commondefinite
MexicoA Night At The OperaTCEMI CLEM-649-commondefinite
ChileUna Nocha En La OperaTCEMI 105143Omits "Sweet Lady" and "39"commondefinite
United StatesA Night At The OperaTCElektra TC-51053-commondefinite
United StatesA Night At The Opera/The GameTCElektra 60279-4-P2-on-1 cassettecommondefinite
United StatesA Night At The OperaTCHollywood HR-61065-4-commondefinite
United KingdomA Day At The RacesTCEMI TC EMTC 104-commondefinite
United KingdomA Day At The RacesTCParlophone TCPCSD 131remastercommondefinite
GermanyA Day At The RacesTC-commondefinite
United StatesA Day At The RacesTCElektra TC-5101-commondefinite
United StatesA Day At The Races/News Of The WorldTCElektra 60243-4-P2-on-1 cassettecommondefinite
United StatesA Day At The RacesTCHollywood HR-61035-4-commondefinite
BrazilA Day At The RacesTCEMI 31C 264 98485-commondefinite
PolandA Day At The RacesTCPoker 936-commondefinite
United KingdomNews Of The WorldTC-commondefinite
United KingdomNews Of The WorldTCParlophone TCPCSD 132remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsNews Of The WorldTCEMI 5C 264 60033-commondefinite
BrazilNews Of The WorldTCEMI KXEMC-8061-commondefinite
ArgentinaNoticias Del MundoTCEMI 8457Spanish titlescommondefinite
ArgentinaNoticias Del MundoTCSpanish titles, omits "Get Down Make Love"averagereport
United StatesNews Of The WorldTCElektra TC-5112-commondefinite
United StatesNews Of The WorldTCHollywood HR-61037-4-commondefinite
PolandNews Of The WorldTC-commondefinite
United KingdomJazzTC-commondefinite
United KingdomJazzTCParlophone TCPCSD 133remastercommondefinite
ArgentinaJazzTCSpanish Titlescommondefinite
United StatesJazzTCElektra TC-5166-commondefinite
United StatesJazzTCHollywood HR-61062-4-commondefinite
United KingdomLive Killers [tracks]TC-commondefinite
United KingdomLive Killers [tracks]TCParlophone TCPCSD 138remastercommondefinite
BrazilLive Killers [tracks]TCEMI 31C 464 62792/3-commondefinite
United StatesLive Killers [tracks]TCHollywood HR-61066-4-commondefinite
VenezuelaLive Killers volume oneTC-averagereport
VenezuelaLive Killers volume twoTC-averagereport
United KingdomThe GameTCEMI TC EMA 795 0C 264 63923mirror sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomThe GameTCParlophone TCPCSD 134remastercommondefinite
GermanyThe GameTCEMI 1A 262 63923-commondefinite
ArgentinaThe GameTCEMI 18823Spanish Titlescommondefinite
United StatesThe GameTCElektra TC-5513-commondefinite
United StatesThe GameTCHollywood HR-61063-4-commondefinite
MoroccoThe GameTC-averagereport
United KingdomFlash GordonTCEMI TC EMC 3351-commondefinite
United KingdomFlash GordonTCParlophone TCPCSD 137remastercommondefinite
BrazilFlash GordonTCEMI 31C 264 64203-commondefinite
ArgentinaFlash GordonTCEMI 18938orange sleeve, spanish titlesaveragedefinite
United StatesFlash GordonTCElektra TC-5518-commondefinite
IndonesiaFlash GordonTCunique "film still" sleeveaveragedefinite
United StatesFlash GordonTCHollywood HR-61203-4-commondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI TC EMTV 30-commondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]TCParlophone TCPCSD 141remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI 1C 264 78071different sleevecommondefinite
NetherlandsGrootste Hits [picture - 14k] [tracks]TCEMI 258 15 4107 4includes Under Pressurecommondefinite
GermanyGreatest HitsTCEMI 1C 264-78071Club Sonderauflage 33 135-5commondefinite
GreeceGreatest HitsTCEMI 14C 262-78041-commondefinite
BrazilGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI 31C 264-78054with Love Of My Lifecommondefinite
MexicoGrandes ExitosTCEMI CLEM-1040 33C 262-78041-commondefinite
GuatemalaGreatest HitsTCdifferent sleeveaveragedefinite
ArgentinaGreatest HitsTCEMI 66009-commondefinite
PolandGreatest HitsTC-commondefinite
SingaporeGreatest HitsTC-averagedefinite
ThailandGreatest HitsTC-averagedefinite
TurkeyGreatest HitsTC-averagedefinite
NepalGreatest Hits [picture - 13k] [tracks]TCWorld-Hits 0102-averagedefinite
IndonesiaA Greatest Hits [tracks] [picture - 57k]TCMusicbox M.95020unique track listing, approx 1984 release, well dodgyuncommondefinite
AustraliaGreatest HitsTCEMI TC-EMC-178041-commondefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI TC EMTV30 EKPC0073in slipcasecommondefinite
United KingdomHot SpaceTCEMI TC EMA 797-commondefinite
United KingdomHot SpaceTCParlophone TCPCSD 135remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsHot SpaceTC-commondefinite
SpainEspacio Caliente [picture - 26k]TCEMI 10C 268 064.773-commondefinite
BrazilHot SpaceTCEMI 31C 264 64773-commondefinite
ArgentinaHot SpaceTCEMI 18053Spanish Titlescommondefinite
MexicoHot SpaceTCEMI 49 746215 4-commondefinite
ThailandHot SpaceTC-commondefinite
United StatesHot SpaceTCElektra E4-60128-commondefinite
United StatesHot SpaceTCHollywood HR-61038-4-commondefinite
United States15 Of The Best [tracks]TCWarner-KTEL PNU3214-averagedefinite
United KingdomThe WorksTCEMI TC-EMC 24 0014 4-commondefinite
United KingdomThe WorksTCParlophone TCPCSD 136remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsThe WorksTC-commondefinite
GermanyThe WorksTCEMI 1C 264 0014 4club Sonderauflage 33 288-2commondefinite
GermanyThe WorksTCEMI TC-EMC 2400144-commondefinite
BrazilThe WorksTCEMI 31C 264 240014-commondefinite
ArgentinaThe WorksTCEMI 18205Spanish titlescommondefinite
TurkeyThe WorksTC-averagedefinite
PolandThe WorksTCPoker 914-commondefinite
MexicoThe WorksTCEMI CLEM-1176-commondefinite
United StatesThe WorksTCCapitol 4XT-12322-commondefinite
United StatesThe WorksTCHollywood HR-61233-4-commondefinite
New ZealandLive In Concert [tracks]TCElektra 60343-4-averagedefinite
BrazilThank God It's Christmas [tracks]TCEMI 31C 264-260845-averagedefinite
United KingdomA Message From Queen [tracks]TC(none)fan-club 1986 convention cassetteaveragedefinite
United KingdomA Kind Of MagicTCEMI TCEU 3509-commondefinite
FranceA Kind Of MagicTC-commondefinite
BrazilA Kind Of MagicTCEMI 31C 264 240531-commondefinite
ArgentinaUna Especia De MagicaTCSpanish Titlescommonreport
IndiaA Kind Of MagicTCSTCS EU3609-commondefinite
ChileA Kind Of MagicTCSpanish Titlescommondefinite
United StatesA Kind Of MagicTCCapitol 4XAS 12476-commondefinite
United StatesA Kind Of MagicTCHollywood HR-61152-4-commondefinite
United KingdomLive Magic [tracks]TC-commondefinite
ItalyLive Magic [tracks]TC-commondefinite
ChileLive Magic [tracks]TCEMI 32C 2406754-commondefinite
PolandLive Magic [tracks]TCPoker 915-commondefinite
BrazilLive Magic [tracks]TCEMI 31C 264 240675-commondefinite
United StatesLive Magic [tracks]TCHollywood HR-61267-4-commondefinite
United KingdomThe Teaser TapeTCParlophone TEASER1teaseraveragedefinite
BrazilThe MiracleTCParlophone 268 7923574-commondefinite
ArgentinaThe MiracleTCParlophone 20061Spanish titlescommondefinite
IndiaThe MiracleTC-commondefinite
TurkeyThe MiracleTC-averagedefinite
United StatesThe MiracleTCCapitol C4-92357-commondefinite
CanadaThe MiracleTCunknown HXPROC 492357-commondefinite
PolandFor You [picture - 34k]TCBrawo 107different name for "Miracle" album, different sleeveaveragedefinite
United KingdomQueen At The BeebTC-commondefinite
TurkeyQueen At The BeebTC-averagedefinite
PolandQueen At The BeebTC-commondefinite
United KingdomHints Of Innuendo [tracks] [picture - 43k]TCteaseruncommondefinite
SwedenInnuendo Teaser [tracks] [picture - 15k]TCEMI PRO 4123promo with custom sleeve, 5 track teaseruncommondefinite
United KingdomInnuendoTCParlophone TCPCSD 115-commondefinite
BrazilInnuendoTCParlophone 568 795887 4-commondefinite
ArgentinaInnuendoTCParlophone 20088Spanish titlescommondefinite
PolandInnuendoTCPoker 520-commondefinite
United StatesInnuendoTCHollywood HR-61020-4-commondefinite
United KingdomEight Good Reasons To Buy Greatest Hits IITCteaseraveragedefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits II [tracks]TC-commondefinite
BrazilGreatest Hits II [tracks]TCParlophone 276-797971-4black sleeveaveragedefinite
AustraliaGreatest Hits II [tracks]TCParlophone TC-797971-4-commondefinite
PolandGreatest Hits IITC-averagedefinite
IndiaGreatest Hits IITC-averagedefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits II volume one [tracks]TCEMI TCPMTV2 EKPC 0174in slipcaseaveragedefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits II volume two [tracks]TCEMI TCPMTV2 EKPC 0175in slipcaseaveragedefinite
PolandGreatest Hits II volume oneTCPoker 838-commondefinite
PolandGreatest Hits II volume twoTCPoker 839-commondefinite
United StatesQueen Rocks volume one [tracks]TCHollywood PR-82834promocommondefinite
United StatesQueen Rocks volume two [tracks]TCpromocommondefinite
United StatesQueen Rocks volume three [tracks]TCpromocommondefinite
United StatesQueen Rocks volume four [tracks]TCpromocommondefinite
United StatesClassic Queen [tracks]TCHollywood HR-61344-4-commondefinite
United StatesGreatest HitsTCHollywood HR-61265-4-commondefinite
United KingdomLive At Wembley [tracks]TCParlophone TCPCSP 725-commondefinite
BrazilLive At Wembley [tracks]TCParlophone 7996034-commondefinite
ArgentinaLive At Wembley [tracks]TCSpanish titlescommonreport
ParaguayLive At Wembley volume one [tracks]TC(none)-averagedefinite
ParaguayLive At Wembley volume two [tracks]TC(none)-averagedefinite
United StatesLive At Wembley [tracks]TC-commondefinite
United KingdomThe 12" Collection [tracks]TCParlophone TCQTEL 0001-commondefinite
United StatesQueen At The BBCTCHollywood HR-62005-4-commondefinite
United KingdomMade In Heaven TeaserTCfive track cassette sampler with segued medley of tracksuncommonadvert
United KingdomMade In HeavenTCParlophone TCPCSD 167-commondefinite
NetherlandsMade In HeavenTCParlophone 7243 8 36088 4 3-commondefinite
BrazilMade In HeavenTCParlophone 836088 4 3-commondefinite
United StatesMade In HeavenTCHollywood HR-62017-4-commondefinite
United StatesMade In Heaven [picture - 75k]TCHollywood PRCS 62017 4promo, with different "Let Me Live"uncommondefinite
ThailandMade In HeavenTC-averagedefinite
United KingdomQueen Rocks TeaserTC(none)no sleeve, just printed insertaveragedefinite
United KingdomQueen RocksTCParlophone 823 0914crest sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomQueen RocksTCParlophone 823 0914bird sleeve sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits IIITC-commondefinite

Freddie Singles

New ZealandTHE GREAT PRETENDER(ext)/The Great Pretender/Exercises In Free Love(fm)TC PSEMI TC GOOD 176-uncommondefinite
United KingdomBARCELONA(edit)/Exercises In Free Love(mc)TC PSPolydor POSPC 887-commondefinite
United KingdomBARCELONA(edit)/Exercises In Free Love(mc)/Barcelona(tv edit)TC PSPolydor POCS 221reissuecommondefinite
United KingdomHOW CAN I GO ON/The Golden BoyTC PSPolydor POCS 234reissuecommondefinite
United KingdomIN MY DEFENCE/Love Kills(remix)TC PSParlophone TCR 6331-commondefinite
FranceIN MY DEFENCE/Love Kills(remix)TC PS-commondefinite
United KingdomTHE GREAT PRETENDER/Stop All The FightingTC PSParlophone TCR 6336reissuecommondefinite
FranceTHE GREAT PRETENDER/Love Kills(remix)TC PSParlophone 8803824reissuecommondefinite
United KingdomLIVING ON MY OWN(remix)/Living On My Own(remix)TC PSParlophone TCR 6355-commondefinite
PolandLIVING ON MY OWN(remix)/Somebody To Love/Living On My Own(remix)/Dear Friends/Living On My Own/These Are The Days Of Our Lives/We Will Rock You/Living On My Own(remix)TC PSPoker 1394-commondefinite

Freddie Albums

United KingdomMr Bad GuyTCCBS 40 86312black script writing, 1 extended trackcommondefinite
NetherlandsMr Bad GuyTCCBS 80 86312white block writing, 1 extended trackcommondefinite
PortugalMr Bad GuyTConly 8 trackscommondefinite
BrazilMr Bad GuyTCCBS 16623-commondefinite
ArgentinaMr Bad GuyTC-commondefinite
Hong KongMr Bad GuyTCbigger pictureaveragedefinite
GreeceMr Bad GuyTC-commondefinite
SpainMr Bad GuyTC-commondefinite
United StatesMr Bad GuyTCCapitol FCT-40071chromecommondefinite
United KingdomBarcelonaTCoriginal sleevecommondefinite
TurkeyBarcelonaTCoriginal sleeveaveragedefinite
ArgentinaBarcelonaTCoriginal sleeve, Spanish titlescommondefinite
United KingdomBarcelonaTCreissue sleevecommondefinite
BrazilBarcelonaTCPolydor 837277-4reissue sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomThe Freddie Mercury Album [tracks]TCParlophone 270 780999 4-commondefinite
BrazilThe Freddie Mercury Album [tracks]TCParlophone 270 780999 4-commondefinite
ArgentinaThe Freddie Mercury Album [tracks]TCParlophone 7 80999 4Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
MoroccoThe Freddie Mercury Album [tracks]TC-averagereport
Saudi ArabiaThe Freddie Mercury Album [tracks]TC-averagedefinite
United StatesThe Great Pretender [tracks]TC-commondefinite
United StatesThe Great Pretender [picture - 11k]TCadvance promo cassetteaveragedefinite
NetherlandsFreddie Mercury Remixes [tracks]TC-commondefinite
BrazilFreddie Mercury Remixes [tracks]TCParlophone 828184 4-commondefinite

Brian Singles

United KingdomDRIVEN BY YOU/Just One LifeTC PSParlophone TCR 6304-commondefinite
NetherlandsDRIVEN BY YOU/Just One LifeTC PS-commonreport
United StatesDRIVEN BY YOU/Just One LifeTC PSHollywood HR-64642-commondefinite
United KingdomTOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU/I'm Scared [picture - 62k]TC PSParlophone TCR 6320card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomBACK TO THE LIGHT/Nothing But Blue(guitar)TC PSParlophone TCR 6329card sleevecommondefinite
NetherlandsBACK TO THE LIGHT/Nothing But Blue(guitar)TC PS-commonreport
United KingdomRESURRECTION/Love Token/Too Much Love Will Kill You(live)TC PSParlophone TCR 6351card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomLAST HORIZON/39(live)/Let Your Heart Rule Your Head(live)TC PSParlophone TCR 6371-commondefinite
United KingdomTHE AMAZING SPIDERMAN(mastermix)/The Amazing Spiderman(sad bit)TC PSParlophone TCR 6404card sleevecommondefinite
United StatesTHE BUSINESS(4.29 radio edit)TC PS(none)one-sided promo tape, blue coveraveragedefinite

Brian Albums

United KingdomStar Fleet ProjectTC-commondefinite
United StatesStar Fleet ProjectTCCapitol 4LP15014-commondefinite
United KingdomCapital Radio Rock Master Class [picture - 104k] [article]TC(none)-uncommondefinite
United KingdomStar Licks Master Series [picture - 17k]TC(none)with bookletaveragedefinite
United KingdomBack To The LightTC-commondefinite
ArgentinaBack To The LightTCParlophone 7 80400 4Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
United KingdomLive At The Brixton Academy [tracks]TC-commondefinite
NetherlandsLive At The Brixton Academy [tracks]TC-commondefinite
BrazilLive At The Brixton Academy [tracks]TCParlophone 828589 4-commondefinite
United KingdomAnother WorldTC-commondefinite
United KingdomAnother World [picture - 17k]TC(none)advance promo tape, no artworkaveragedefinite

Roger Singles

United KingdomCOWBOYS AND INDIANS/Love Lies BleedingTC PSVirgin VSTC 1007-commondefinite
United KingdomNAZIS 1994(edit)/Nazis 1994(radio)TC PSParlophone TCR 6379card sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomFOREIGN SAND(edit)/'you had to be there'TC PSParlophone TCR 6389card sleevecommondefinite

Roger Albums

United KingdomFun In SpaceTCEMI TC-EMC 3369-commondefinite
United KingdomFun In SpaceTCreissuecommondefinite
GermanyFun In SpaceTCEMI 1C 264 64328-commondefinite
BrazilFun In SpaceTCEMI 31C 264 64328-commondefinite
ArgentinaDiversion En El EspacioTCEMI 18952Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
United StatesFun In SpaceTCElektra 5C-5522-commondefinite
United KingdomStrange FrontierTCEMI TC-RTA1 EJ 24 0137 4-commondefinite
United KingdomStrange FrontierTCreissuecommondefinite
GermanyStrange FrontierTCEMI 1C 264 2401374-commondefinite
United StatesStrange FrontierTCCapitol 4XJ 12357-commondefinite
ArgentinaExtrana FronteraTCEMI 18229 81 2401374Spanish Titlesaveragedefinite
ChileFrontera Estrana [picture - 54k]TCEMI 105400Spanish Titlesaveragedefinite
United KingdomShove ItTCVirgin TCV 2477initially with send-away badge offercommondefinite
IndonesiaShove It [picture - 26k]TCBillboard DB-10.796-uncommondefinite
United StatesShove ItTCVirgin-USA 7 90857 4-commondefinite
United StatesShove ItTCVirgin-USA 90857-4promo, with promo blurb on the spineaveragedefinite
United KingdomMad Bad and Dangerous To KnowTC-commondefinite
GermanyMad Bad and Dangerous To KnowTCParlophone 1C 264 7 93924 4-commondefinite
ItalyMad Bad and Dangerous To KnowTC-commonadvert
United KingdomOfficial Bootleg [tracks] [picture - 46k]TC(none)fan-club issueaveragedefinite
GermanyBlue RockTCEMI 1C 264 7 97624 4-commondefinite
United KingdomLive In Germany [tracks] [picture - 74k]TC(none)fan-club issueaveragedefinite
United KingdomHappiness?TCParlophone TCPCSD 157-commondefinite
Saudi ArabiaHappiness?TCParlophone 7243 8 30059 4-averagedefinite
United KingdomElectric FireTCParlophone 496 7244-commondefinite
United KingdomElectric Fire [picture - 13k]TC(none)advance promo tape, no artworkaveragedefinite

Other Albums

United KingdomBiggles soundtrackTCMCA MCFC 3328-commondefinite
SpainBiggles soundtrack [picture - 30k]TCMCA 254119-4Spanish titlescommondefinite
United KingdomThe Amazing SpidermanTCBBC ZBBC 1717-commondefinite

Collaboration Singles

United KingdomHale and Pace (with Brian, Roger)THE STONK/The Smile SongTC PSLondon LONCS 296-commondefinite
United StatesMeat Loaf (with Brian)A TIME FOR HEROES+1TC PSOrpheum ORP 012387-averagedefinite
United KingdomRock Therapy (with Brian)REACHING OUT/Reaching Out(acoustic)TC PSParlophone TCEM 438-commondefinite
United KingdomShaky (with Roger)RADIO/Oh Baby Don'tTC PSEpic 658436 4-commondefinite

Collaboration Albums

United KingdomAnita Dobson (with Brian)Talking Of LoveTCOdeon TCODN1007 79 0701 4-averagedefinite
United KingdomLeft Handed Marriage (with Brian)Crazy Chain [picture - 37k]TCLHM LHMC1numberedcommondefinite

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