CD3 discography

Queen Singles

United KingdomSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/See What A Fool I've Been/Funny How Love IsCD3 PSParlophone QUECD1-averagedefinite
United KingdomKILLER QUEEN/Flick Of The Wrist/Brighton RockCD3 PSParlophone QUECD2-averagedefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car/You're My Best FriendCD3 PSParlophone QUECD3-averagedefinite
United KingdomSOMEBODY TO LOVE/White Man/Tie Your Mother DownCD3 PSParlophone QUECD4-averagedefinite
United KingdomGOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BOY/Death On Two Legs/Tenement Funster/White QueenCD3 PSParlophone QUECD5-averagedefinite
United KingdomWE ARE THE CHAMPIONS/We Will Rock You/Fat Bottomed GirlsCD3 PSParlophone QUECD6-averagedefinite
United KingdomCRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE/Spread Your Wings/FlashCD3 PSParlophone QUECD7-averagedefinite
United KingdomANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST/Dragon Attack/Las Palabras De AmorCD3 PSParlophone QUECD8-averagedefinite
United KingdomUNDER PRESSURE/Soul Brother/Body LanguageCD3 PSParlophone QUECD9-averagedefinite
United KingdomRADIO GA-GA/I Go Crazy/Hammer To FallCD3 PSParlophone QUECD10-averagedefinite
United KingdomI WANT TO BREAK FREE/Machines/It's A Hard LifeCD3 PSParlophone QUECD11-averagedefinite
United KingdomA KIND OF MAGIC/A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling/One VisionCD3 PSParlophone QUECD12-averagedefinite
JapanI WANT IT ALL/Hang On In ThereCD3 PSToshiba-EMI XP10-2081-scarcedefinite
AustriaI WANT IT ALL/Hang On In ThereCD3 PSParlophone 50620 33603-scarcedefinite
AustriaTHE INVISIBLE MAN/Hijack My HeartCD3 PSParlophone CDP 552-2034873-scarcedefinite
AustriaSCANDAL/My Life Has Been SavedCD3 PSParlophone CDP 552-2035443-scarcedefinite
AustriaTHE MIRACLE/Stone Cold Crazy(live)CD3 PSParlophone CDP 552-2036433-scarcedefinite
JapanI WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU [picture - 24k]CD3 PSToshiba-EMI TODP 2534-averagedefinite
JapanDON'T STOP ME NOW/LET ME LIVE [picture - 28k]CD3 PSToshiba-EMI TODP 2539-averagedefinite

Freddie Singles

JapanTHE GOLDEN BOY/The Fallen PriestCD3 PSPolydor P10 P40002-scarcedefinite
JapanGuide Me Home/HOW CAN I GO ON/Overture PiccanteCD3 PSPolydor P13 P37010Nissan Bluebird advertscarcedefinite
JapanBARCELONA/Guide Me Home [picture - 31k]CD3 PSPolydor DCI-3047promo, silver sleevemegararedefinite
JapanTHE GREAT PRETENDER/Love Kills [picture - 23k]CD3 PSToshiba-EMI TODP 23961993 reissueaveragedefinite
JapanTHE GREAT PRETENDER/My Love Is Dangerous(remix) [picture - 23k]CD3 PSToshiba-EMI TODP 25051995 reissue, Honda Accord advertaveragedefinite

Roger Singles

JapanHEAVEN FOR EVERYONE(roger)/Love On A Tightrope/Cowboys And IndiansCD3 PSVirgin VJD-12009-scarcedefinite
United KingdomLOVE ON A TIGHTROPE+3 [picture - 10k]CD3 PSVirgin VVCS 7promoaveragedefinite
JapanFOREIGN SAND/Final Destination(new) [picture - 14k]CD3 PSToshiba-EMI TODT 3253-averagedefinite

Collaboration Singles

GermanyFuzzbox (with Brian)SELF!/Wait And See/Self!(selfish)/Bohemian Rhapsody [picture - 24k]CD3 PSWEA YZ408 CD-commondefinite
FranceHolly Johnson (with Brian)LOVE TRAIN(ext)/Love Train/Murder In Paradise [picture - 5k]CD3 PSMCA 257 693 2in 5" jewel caseaveragedefinite

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