VHS discography

Queen Videos

United KingdomGreatest FlixVHSPMI MVP 99 1011 2-commondefinite
AustraliaGreatest FlixVHSEMI VM60003-commondefinite
JapanGreatest FlixVHSToshiba-EMI WK048-3014H-averagedefinite
JapanLive In JapanVHSApollon APVG-4004-scarcedefinite
JapanLive In JapanVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3303-averagedefinite
United KingdomWe Will Rock You [picture - 91k]VHSPeppermint 612290 minutescommondefinite
United KingdomWe Will Rock YouVHSunknown MC203290 minutescommondefinite
United KingdomWe Will Rock You [picture - 39k]VHSVideo-Collection VC401290 minutescommondefinite
United KingdomWe Will Rock YouVHS60 minutescommondefinite
United StatesWe Will Rock YouVHS90 minutescommondefinite
United StatesWe Will Rock YouVHSVestron MA101560 minutescommondefinite
JapanWe Will Rock YouVHSBMG BVVP-6890 minutesaveragedefinite
JapanWe Will Rock YouVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-330190 minutesaveragedefinite
United States15 Of The BestVHSKTEL NU3240-uncommonreport
United KingdomThe Works Video EP [picture - 13k]VHSPMI MVT 99 0010 2slipcaseaveragedefinite
United KingdomThe Works Video EPVHSnormal caseuncommondefinite
United StatesThe Works Video EPVHSSony 3940JK1160-averagedefinite
JapanWe Are The Champions, Final Live In JapanVHSBMG BVVP-79with OBIuncommondefinite
JapanWe Are The Champions, Final Live In JapanVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3304-averagedefinite
ItalyLive Japan [picture - 39k]VHSEden EV-029reissue, unofficialcommondefinite
United KingdomLive In RioVHSPMI MVP 99 1079 2-commondefinite
BrazilLive In RioVHSPMI 4533N2215-commondefinite
JapanLive In RioVHSToshiba-EMI TT48-1263H1-averagedefinite
United KingdomWHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER/A Kind Of Magic [picture - 12k]VHSPMI MVW 990059 2-uncommondefinite
United KingdomLive In BudapestVHSPMI MVN 991146 2-commondefinite
Russian FederationQueen In BudapestVHSMaster-Tape MT68-commondefinite
JapanLive In BudapestVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3302-averagedefinite
United StatesPrinces Of The UniverseVHS-uncommondefinite
United KingdomMagic Years volume oneVHSPMI MVP 99 1154 2-commondefinite
AustraliaMagic Years volume oneVHS-commondefinite
JapanMagic Years volume oneVHSToshiba-EMI TT50-1224H1-averagedefinite
United KingdomMagic Years volume twoVHSPMI MVP 99 1155 2-commondefinite
AustraliaMagic Years volume twoVHS-commondefinite
JapanMagic Years volume twoVHSToshiba-EMI TT50-1225H1-averagedefinite
United KingdomMagic Years volume threeVHSPMI MVP 99 1156 2-commondefinite
AustraliaMagic Years volume threeVHSPMI VM-60062-commondefinite
JapanMagic Years volume threeVHSToshiba-EMI TT50-1226H1-averagedefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/Crazy Little Thing Called Love [picture - 13k]VHSGold-Rushes PM0022-uncommondefinite
United KingdomRare Live, A Concert In Time And SpaceVHSPMI MVP 99 1189 3-commondefinite
BrazilRare Live, A Concert In Time And SpaceVHSPMI 568991893-commondefinite
JapanRare Live, A Concert In Time And SpaceVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3049-averagedefinite
United KingdomThe Miracle EPVHSPMI MVL 99 0084 3-commondefinite
United KingdomLive At WembleyVHSPMI MVP 99 1259 3-commondefinite
United StatesLive At WembleyVHSHollywood HR-40142-3-commondefinite
JapanLive At WembleyVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3086-averagedefinite
United KingdomThe Show Must Go On, Greatest Hits II TeaserVHS30 minutes, in-store promo in white stickered sleeveuncommondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Flix IIVHSPMI MVD 99 1326 3-commondefinite
AustraliaGreatest Flix IIVHSEMI 15004-commondefinite
BrazilGreatest Flix IIVHSPMI 5709913263-commondefinite
JapanGreatest Flix IIVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3098-commondefinite
United StatesClassic QueenVHSHollywood HR-40143-3-commondefinite
United StatesGreatest HitsVHSHollywood HR-40144-3-commondefinite
United KingdomBox of FlixVHSPMI MVB 9913243-averagedefinite
JapanBox of FlixVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3132/3-averagedefinite
JapanGreatest Karaoke FlixVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3249/50-averagedefinite
United KingdomThe Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS AwarenessVHSPMI MVB 4910623-commondefinite
JapanThe Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS AwarenessVHSVideoarts VAVJ-338/9-uncommondefinite
BrazilThe Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness volume oneVHSPMI 570 491081 3-averagedefinite
BrazilThe Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness volume twoVHSPMI 570 491082 3-averagedefinite
ItalyQueen ForeverVHSunknown V-QUEcompilation, unofficialcommondefinite
United KingdomLive at The RainbowVHS(none)-averagedefinite
United StatesFive Live video press kitVHSHollywood PRVD-10313-3-averagedefinite
United KingdomChampions Of The World [picture - 29k]VHSPMI MVD 4915053-commondefinite
United StatesChampions Of The WorldVHSHollywood HR-69003-3-commondefinite
JapanChampions Of The WorldVHSToshioba-EMI TOVW-3224-averagedefinite
United KingdomMade In Heaven, The FilmsVHSWienerworld WNR 2066-commondefinite
United StatesMade In Heaven, The FilmsVHSWienerworld WNR 2066-commondefinite
BrazilMade In Heaven, The FilmsVHSdifferent back sleeveaveragedefinite
United StatesQueen Rocks EPKVHSHollywoodElectronic Press kituncommondefinite
United KingdomQueen Rocks [picture - 30k]VHS-commondefinite
JapanQueen RocksVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3292-averagedefinite
United KingdomGreatest Flix IIIVHS-commondefinite

Freddie Videos

United KingdomThe Freddie Mercury EPVHSPMI MVS 99055 2-scarcedefinite
United KingdomTHE GREAT PRETENDER/The Great Pretender(ext) [picture - 11k]VHSPMI MVW 990066 2slipcaseuncommondefinite
United KingdomTHE GREAT PRETENDER/The Great Pretender(ext)VHSnormal casescarcedefinite
United KingdomThe Barcelona EPVHSChannel-5 CFV 00932-scarcedefinite
AustraliaThe Barcelona EPVHSslightly different coverscarcedefinite
JapanThe Barcelona EPVHS-scarcedefinite

Brian Videos

United KingdomStar Licks Master Series [picture - 29k]VHS(none)with booklet, blue sleeveuncommondefinite
United KingdomStar Licks Master Session [picture - 11k]VHS(none)with booklet, white sleeveuncommondefinite
JapanSuper Technical ApproachVHS-uncommondefinite
United KingdomLive At The Brixton Academy [picture - 33k]VHSPMI MVN 4911873-commondefinite
JapanLive At The Brixton AcademyVHSToshiba-EMI TOVW-3178-averagedefinite

Roger Videos

United KingdomLife In The Fast Lane [picture - 104k]VHSRavecrestRoger and Rick Partiff with the Toleman F1 teamuncommondefinite
United KingdomLive At The Cyberbarn [picture - 30k]VHSPMI QD010002NJ-averagedefinite
JapanLive At The CyberbarnVHS-averagedefinite

Collaboration Videos

United KingdomBad News (with Brian, John)BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/Every Mistake ImaginableVHSPMI MVW 99 00 712-averagedefinite
United KingdomJerry Lee Lewis (with Brian)The Killer Live [picture - 21k]VHSTelstar TVE 1031-commondefinite
United KingdomPavarotti (with Brian)Pavarotti And FriendsVHSDecca 071 160-3-commondefinite
United KingdomRock Aid Armenia (with Brian, Roger)The Video CollectionVHSVirgin VVD 636-commondefinite
JapanRock Aid Armenia (with Brian, Roger)The Making Of Smoke On The WaterVHSBMG BVVP-26-commonreport
United KingdomStatus Quo (with Brian)Don't StopVHSPolygram-TV 638 2183-commondefinite
United KingdomVarious Artists (with Brian, John)The Prince's Trust Rock Gala [picture - 18k]VHSMSD V9122-averagedefinite

Compilation Videos

United KingdomGreenpeace Non-Toxic Video HitsVHSWienerworld 11032features "Strange Frontier" and "Is This The World We Created (live Rio)"uncommondefinite
United KingdomSmash Hits - Now That's What I Call MusicVHScontains "Under Pressure"commondefinite
United KingdomNow That's What I Call Music volume 6VHScontains "One Vision"commondefinite
United KingdomNow That's What I Call Music volume 9VHScontains "The Great Pretender"averagedefinite
United KingdomNow That's What I Call Music volume 10VHScontains "Barcelona"averagedefinite
United KingdomRock IdolsVHSVideo-Gems R1051features "Killer Queen" (unique version)averagedefinite
United KingdomSexy Shorts [picture - 43k]VHSPMI CMV 1088features "Body Language" (uncensored)averagedefinite

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