Discography of "rare" records

Records with a rating of "rare" are those records that you see but can't afford, and they've always gone when you finally save up and go back to get them. But at least you can tell people you saw one! Usually expensive.

Queen Singles

JapanKEEP YOURSELF ALIVE/Son And Daughter [picture - 12k] [label picture - 35k]7" PSElektra P-1290EWarner labelraredefinite
JapanKEEP YOURSELF ALIVE/Son And Daughter [picture - 12k]7" PSElektra P-1290EElektra labelraredefinite
ThailandKEEP YOURSELF ALIVE+37"Cashbox KS-205-raredefinite
AustriaSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/See What A Fool I've Been7" PSEMI 1C 006 95241German export pressingrarereport
YugoslaviaSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/See What A Fool I've Been [picture - 8k]7" PSJugoton SEMI 88753-raredefinite
JapanSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/Loser In The End [picture - 20k]7" PSElektra P-1314E-raredefinite
FranceKILLER QUEEN/FLICK OF THE WRIST [picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 2C 004 96060-raredefinite
ItalyKILLER QUEEN/FLICK OF THE WRIST [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI 3C 006 96060-raredefinite
SwedenKILLER QUEEN/FLICK OF THE WRIST [picture - 16k]7" PSEMI 2229unique sleeveraredefinite
YugoslaviaKILLER QUEEN/FLICK OF THE WRIST [picture - 9k]7" PSJugoton SEMI 88792-raredefinite
SpainNOW I'M HERE/Lily Of The Valley [picture - 9k]7" PSEMI 1J 006 96255Spanish titlesraredefinite
HungaryNOW I'M HERE/Lily Of The Valley [picture - 9k]7" PSPepita SPSK 70209-raredefinite
HungaryNOW I'M HERE/Lily Of The Valley [bw picture - 12k]7" PSPepita SPSK 70209different sleeveraredefinite
HungaryNOW I'M HERE/Lily Of The Valley7"Pepita SPSK 70209various labels: red/white labels; orange/white labelsraredefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [article]7"EMI 2375unnumbered blue vinylraredefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [article]7" PSEMI 2375black vinyl in "EMI International" sleeverarereport
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [picture - 8k]7" PSEMI QUEEN DJ95fan-club purple vinyl, 2000 copiesraredefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [picture - 8k]7" PSEMI QUEEN DJ95fan-club purple vinyl unnumberedraredefinite
FranceBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [picture - 9k]7" PSEMI 2C 010 97140yellow sleeveraredefinite
PortugalBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [picture - 15k]7" PSEMI 8E 006 97140 G-raredefinite
ThailandBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY+27" PSFour-Track FT-301-raredefinite
ThailandBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY+3 [picture - 21k]7" PSFour-Track TKR 355-raredefinite
SpainYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 11k]7" PSEMI 1J 006 97944-raredefinite
YugoslaviaYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 12k]7" PSJugoton SEMI 88908-raredefinite
ThailandYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND+3 [picture - 8k]7" PSFour-Track FT 350-raredefinite
Thailand39+3 [picture - 20k]7" PSFour-Track EXP-265-raredefinite
ThailandSWEET LADY+37" PS-rarereport
PortugalSOMEBODY TO LOVE/White Man [picture - 9k]7" PSEMI 8E 006 98428 G-raredefinite
TurkeySOMEBODY TO LOVE/White Man [picture - 29k]7" PSEMI 2565possibly a fakeraredefinite
Hong KongSOMEBODY TO LOVE/YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND7" PSJackpot POT69turquoise vinyl flexi with poster and stickersrarereport
ThailandSOMEBODY TO LOVE+3 [picture - 62k]7" PSFour-Track ST 389-raredefinite
ThailandSOMEBODY TO LOVE+37" PSRoyalsound TKR 448-raredefinite
South AfricaTIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN7"(none)acetate, one-sidedrarerumour
ThailandGOOD OLD FASHIONED LOVER BOY+3 [picture - 24k]7" PSFour-Track EXP-268-raredefinite
ThailandLONG AWAY+3 [picture - 18k]7" PSFour-Track ST 428-raredefinite
United KingdomWe Will Rock You/WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS/Spread Your Wings12"EMI SP SLP 241 A1Uone sided promorarereport
United KingdomSPREAD YOUR WINGS10"(none)acetate, one-sidedraredefinite
United KingdomMY MELANCHOLY BLUES/My Melancholy Blues12"(none)acetate, double-sidedraredefinite
BelgiumBICYCLE RACE/FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS [picture - 15k]7" PSEMI 2870promo, unique blue/white sleeve, contains UK vinylraredefinite
United StatesMUSTAPHA7"acetate, one-sidedrareadvert
United StatesJEALOUSY7"acetate, one-sidedrareadvert
United StatesFun It7"acetate, one-sidedrareadvert
United StatesDreamers Ball7"acetate, one-sidedrareadvert
SpainLOVE OF MY LIFE(live)/Now I'm Here(live) [picture - 13k]7" PSEMI 10C 006 062877Spanish titlesraredefinite
VenezuelaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/We Will Rock You(live)12" PSHarvest 12HAR 715-raredefinite
JapanUNDER PRESSURE+3 [side 1 picture - 40k] [side 2 picture - 40k] [side 3 picture - 43k] [side 4 picture - 41k]7" PSElektra PS-1014/5gatefold double packraredefinite
South AfricaBODY LANGUAGE/Life Is Real [picture - 18k]7" PSEMI EMIJ 4391different sleeveraredefinite
United KingdomBODY LANGUAGE10"(none)acetaterarerumour
United KingdomRADIO GA-GA10"(none)acetaterarerumour
United KingdomI WANT TO BREAK FREE7"(none)acetate, one-sidedraredefinite
United KingdomHAMMER TO FALL/Tear It Up [picture - 16k]7" PSEMI QUEEN 4live sleeveraredefinite
United KingdomHAMMER TO FALL(ext)/Tear It Up12" PSEMI 12 QUEEN 4live sleeveraredefinite
United KingdomMAN ON THE PROWL/Keep Passing The Open Windows7"EMI QUEEN 5unreleasedraredefinite
IrelandMAN ON THE PROWL/Keep Passing The Open Windows7"EMI QUEEN 5withdrawnraredefinite
United KingdomPRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE10"(none)Townhouse acetate, 3:31 mixrarereport
FranceONE YEAR OF LOVE/Gimme The Prize12" PSEMI SP1297promo, lilac sleeveraredefinite
GermanyPAIN IS SO CLOSE TO PLEASURE(remix)/Don't Lose Your Head [bag picture - 13k] [insert picture - 2k]7" PSEMI 1C 006-20 1610 77" in promo ps in 10" paper bag with photos and biographyraredefinite
GermanyThe 3" CD SinglesBOXParlophone QUECD1-12UK CDs in leather walletraredefinite
United KingdomBREAKTHRU12"Transcription discraredefinite
United KingdomSCANDAL12"Transcription discraredefinite
United KingdomINNUENDO(ext)/Under Pressure/Bijou12" PDParlophone 12 QUEENPD 16white picture disc test pressraredefinite
United KingdomI'M GOING SLIGHTLY MAD/The Hitman7" PDParlophone QUEENPD 17clear picture disc test pressraredefinite
United KingdomHEADLONG10"(none)acetate, one-sidedraredefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/THE SHOW MUST GO ON7"Parlophone QUEEN 20a/QUEEN 19awithdrawnraredefinite
FranceWE ARE THE CHAMPIONS(live)/We Will Rock You(live)/We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You12" PSEMI SP1615DJ promoraredefinite

Queen Albums

United KingdomQueenLPEMI YAX 4623-2U/4624-3UOFF WITH HIS HEAD/KIP HUGGYPOO KISSY in runout, two one-sided discs, test pressings for EMI Conference issue, no sleeveraredefinite
Czech RepublicQueen [picture - 45k] [picture - 47k]LPGlobus 210111-1 311blue with pink/black/white multicoloured vinyl, 1992 releaseraredefinite
Czech RepublicQueenLPGlobus 210111-1 311blue with green/black/white multicoloured vinyl, 1992 releaserarereport
VenezuelaQueen IILPHarvest SHLP 9525different sleeve, not gatefold, poor colours (yellow)raredefinite
VenezuelaQueen II [picture - 14k]LPHarvest SHLP 9525different sleeve, not gatefold, full colourrarereport
PortugalSheer Heart Attack [picture - 66k]LPOrlador 2127'Literary Circle' edition, different sleeveraredefinite
FranceA Night At The OperaLPEMI DC 10white vinyl in die-cut sleeveraredefinite
VenezuelaA Night At The Opera [picture - 14k]LPHarvest SHLP-9527live sleeve, lyrics in blueraredefinite
VenezuelaA Night At The Opera [picture - 14k]LPHarvest SHLP-9527live sleeve, lyrics in blackraredefinite
South KoreaThe Best Of Queen [tracks]LPunknown DOVE 51blue/white sleeveraredefinite
South KoreaThe Best Of Queen [tracks]LPunknown DOVE 51brown/white sleeveraredefinite
FranceNews Of The WorldLPEMI DC 3green vinyl in die-cut sleeveraredefinite
FranceJazzLP PDEMI PM 900 PIC 3picture disc, black border with die-cut sleeveraredefinite
FranceJazzLP PDEMI PM 900 PIC 3picture disc, white border with die-cut sleeveraredefinite
South KoreaThe Best Of Queen [tracks] [picture - 6k]LP-raredefinite
VenezuelaFlash GordonLPgatefold, white sleeverarereport
NetherlandsThe Golden Collection volume 1LPGolden GC007gatefold sleeve, NOTW/Jazzraredefinite
NetherlandsThe Golden Collection volume 2LPGolden GC008gatefold sleeve, Game/Hot Spaceraredefinite
JapanQueen Disco Hits [tracks]LPWarner-Pioneer PS-210orange ps, promo onlyraredefinite
NetherlandsHit Box (4LP box)BOXEMI 9079/4NOTW/Jazz/Hot Space/Gameraredefinite
FranceA Kind Of MagicLPEMI 20 1116 7 DC 102red vinylraredefinite
New ZealandA Kind Of Magic [picture - 47k]LPEMI EMC 3509orange vinylraredefinite
United StatesThe Miracle [picture - 57k] [label picture - 41k] [label picture - 43k]LPCapitol 8229A 7/74acetateraredefinite
South KoreaLove Of My Life [tracks]LPHanyang CTAT-3020 HYL-3009-raredefinite
South KoreaGolden Queen [tracks]LPNorae-Maeul NMR-0067-raredefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits IIDCCunreleasedraredefinite
United StatesRocks Box (4 CD box)BOX-raredefinite
United StatesTheir BestCDHollywood HR-61265-2promo suitcase with folder, photo, CD and "Champions" promo CD singleraredefinite
South KoreaLive [tracks] [picture - 42k]LPHee-Jee HJLR-0015Live in Mannheim, unique sleeve, 1990s release with odd tracksraredefinite
JapanUltimate Collection [tracks]CDToshiba-EMI SPCD 1543no relation to the bootleg of the same nameraredefinite
JapanGreatest History, The Show Must Go OnCDToshiba-EMI PCD-0670unnumberedraredefinite

Queen Videos

JapanLive In JapanLDVictor-JVC VHM-58035-raredefinite
JapanBox of Queen Live [picture - 45k]BOXToshiba-EMI TOVW-3225includes videos of Rio, Wembley and Rare Live, videos in slipcases, OBI on outer cardboard boxraredefinite

Freddie Singles

JapanI WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU/unknown7" PSCBS-Sony 07SP 886unique photocopied sleeveraredefinite
United KingdomMADE IN HEAVEN(remix)/She Blows Hot And Cold7" PDCBS WA 6413uncut picture discraredefinite
United KingdomTHE GREAT PRETENDER/Exercises In Free Love(fm)7" PDParlophone RP 6151uncut picture discraredefinite
Hong KongTHE GREAT PRETENDER+112"EMI 12HK1black vinyl, large labelsraredefinite
Hong KongTHE GREAT PRETENDER+112"EMI 12HK1clear vinyl, large labelsraredefinite
Hong KongBARCELONA12" PSone-sided, unique sleeverareadvert
Hong KongHOW CAN I GO ON12" PSPolydor FM MCone-sidedraredefinite

Freddie Albums

FranceMr Bad GuyCDCBS CDCBS 86312black script writing, 3 bonus tracksraredefinite
JapanMr Bad GuyCDCBS 32DP-227with obi, 3 bonus tracksraredefinite

Freddie Videos

JapanThe Freddie Mercury EPLDCBS-Sony 58LP10812" discraredefinite
JapanThe Barcelona EPLDPolygram VAL-30958" discraredefinite

Brian Singles

FranceTOO MUCH LOVE WILL KILL YOU [picture - 27k]12" PSEMI SP1612promo, different sleeve, one-sidedraredefinite

Roger Singles

NetherlandsI WANNA TESTIFY/Turn On The TV [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI 5C 006 99504-raredefinite
PortugalBEAUTIFUL DREAMS/Young Love [picture - 23k]7" PSEMI 2004257-raredefinite
GermanyLIAR(ext)/liar(remix)/In Charge Of My Heart(ext)12" PSEMI 1C 060 14 7516 6-raredefinite
GermanyLIAR(ext)/Liar(remix)/In Charge Of My Heart(ext)/Liar(remix) [picture - 44k]CD5 PSEMI CDP 560 14 7516 2-raredefinite
GermanyFINAL DESTINATION/Penetration Guru/Man On Fire(live) [picture - 34k]CD5 PSEMI CDP 560 1 47529 2-raredefinite
GermanyNEW DARK AGES(edit)/Ain't Put Nothing Down/Man On Fire(live)12" PSEMI 1C 060 2044376-raredefinite
GermanyLIFE CHANGES(edit)/Put It All Down To Love/Life Changes/Heartland [picture - 22k]CD5 PSEMI 1C 560 20 4547 2withdrawnraredefinite

Roger Albums

United StatesShove ItLPtwo acetates, one-sidedraredefinite
GermanyMad Bad and Dangerous To KnowBOXpromo box, with CD, 4 track single, sticker and videoraredefinite
JapanHappiness? [picture - 20k]CD13 track promo, with unreleased version of "Dear Mr Murdoch"raredefinite

Other Singles

United StatesEARTH/Step On Me [picture - 7k] [label picture - 9k]7"Mercury 72977 1-45117/8-raredefinite
United KingdomI CAN HEAR MUSIC/Going Back [picture - 6k]7"EMI 2030-raredefinite
GermanyI CAN HEAR MUSIC/Going Back [picture - 10k] [label picture - 11k]7" PSEMI 1C 006 94 677corrected labelraredefinite
GermanyI CAN HER MUSIC/Going Back [label picture - 26k]7"EMI 1C 006 94 677mispressed label "I can her music"raredefinite
South AfricaI CAN HEAR MUSIC/Going Back7"EMI JD 2030-rarereport

Other Albums

JapanGettin' SmileLPMercury 18PP-1(M)with OBI and gold writing on insert, 1960 yen on spinerarereport
GermanyZabou soundtrackCDEMI CDP 564-7 46690 2-raredefinite

Other Videos

United KingdomThe Highlander Selection [picture - 10k]CDVEMI EMCDV-2-raredefinite

Collaboration Albums

United KingdomHeavy Pettin (with Brian)Lettin Loose(Stirling cut by Brian May from Brian May mix)LP(none)two acetates, one sidedraredefinite

Radio Show Albums

United StatesBBC Rock Hour - Hammersmith 24/12/75 [picture - 39k]LPBBC-TS 139111-S CN 25/26/Sbroadcast 1976raredefinite
United StatesBBC Rock Hour - Hammersmith 24/12/75LPBBC-TS 309broadcast 28/2/82, with cue sheetraredefinite
United StatesBBC Rock Hour - Hammersmith 24/12/75LPBBC-TS (83) 15260-5broadcast 1983, with cue sheetraredefinite
United StatesBBC Rock Hour - Hammersmith 24/12/75 [picture - 9k]LPBBC-TS BC 510Show 510 broadcast 4/3/84, with cue sheetraredefinite
United StatesIn Concert - BBC Classic - Hammersmith 24/12/75LPone-sided test pressingraredefinite
United StatesJim Ladd Innerview - Brian MayLPShow 08/07 broadcast 1976raredefinite
United StatesSuperstar Concert Series - Wembley 12/7/86LPSuperstar 86-17Triple in box, show 86-17 broadcast 1986, with cue sheetraredefinite

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