Discography of "megarare" records

Records with a rating of "megarare" are those records that are the jewel in the crown of any collection. You may collect for years and never see some of these. Unless you are very lucky, these records will be very expensive, even in only VG condition

Queen Singles

NetherlandsKEEP YOURSELF ALIVE/Son And Daughter [picture - 17k]7" PSEMI 5C 006-94681-megararedefinite
PortugalKEEP YOURSELF ALIVE/Son and Daughter [picture - 48k]7" PSEMI 8E 006-94681 MF-megararedefinite
United KingdomKEEP YOURSELF ALIVE10"(none)acetate, one-sidedmegararereport
United KingdomJesus10"(none)acetate, one-sidedmegararereport
FranceSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/See What A Fool I've Been [picture - 20k]7" PSEMI 2C 008-95241unique sleevemegararedefinite
NetherlandsSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/See What A Fool I've Been [picture - 30k]7" PSEMI 5C 006-95241unique sleevemegararedefinite
PortugalSEVEN SEAS OF RHYE/See What A Fool I've Been [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI 8E 006-95241 MF-megararedefinite
United KingdomKILLER QUEEN(different)7"acetate, rumoured to have different versionmegararedefinite
PortugalKILLER QUEEN/FLICK OF THE WRIST [picture - 24k]7" PSEMI 8E 006-96060 MG-megararedefinite
VenezuelaKILLER QUEEN/Keep Yourself Alive [picture - 16k]12" PSHarvest 1542-megararedefinite
ArgentinaKILLER QUEEN/unknown12" PS-megararedefinite
FranceNOW I'M HERE/Lily Of The Valley [picture - 8k]7" PSEMI 2C 004 96255-megararedefinite
PortugalNOW I'M HERE/Lily Of The Valley [picture - 15k]7" PSEMI 8E 006-96255 MG-megararedefinite
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [article]7" PSEMI 2375numbered blue vinyl, 200 copies, different sleeve; with glass, scarf, menu, matches, pen, ticket and invitiationmegararedefinite
FranceBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY(edit)/I'm In Love With My Car [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI SP-621live sleeve, 3:30 edit, 1978 promo issuemegararedefinite
BelgiumBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/I'm In Love With My Car [picture - 14k]7" PSEMI 4C 006 97140test pressing (?mispressing) with no red band on sleevemegararedefinite
TurkeyBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/Sweet Lady [picture - 70k]7" PSMAX 049lighter colours on sleevemegararedefinite
TurkeyBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/Sweet Lady [picture - 74k]7" PSMAX 049darker colours on sleevemegararedefinite
South AfricaBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/unknown7878rpmmegararereport
United KingdomBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY10"(none)acetate, one-sidedmegararedefinite
TurkeySOMEBODY TO LOVE/White Man [picture - 21k]7" PSEMI 2565-megararedefinite
FranceTIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN/You and I [picture - 19k]7" PSEMI 2C 006 98819-megararedefinite
SpainTIE YOUR MOTHER DOWN/You And I [picture - 13k]7" PSEMI 10C 006-98819-megararedefinite
BoliviaMUSTAPHA/Dead On Time [picture - 14k]7" PSEMI BO-1253unique sleevemegararedefinite
ColombiaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/Carrera De Bicicletas(long version)12"EMI 446-1032yellow vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/Carrera De Bicicletas(long version)12"EMI 446-1032green vinylmegararereport
ColombiaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/Carrera De Bicicletas(long version)12"EMI 446-1032pink vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/Carrera De Bicicletas(long version) [picture - 66k]12"EMI 446-1032pale blue vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/Carrera De Bicicletas(long version)12"EMI 446-1032dark blue vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaUNA COSITA LOCA LLAMADA AMOR/Carrera De Bicicletas(long version)12"EMI 446-1032orange vinylmegararedefinite
BelgiumPLAY THE GAME/A Human Body7" PSEMI 5076promo, unique red/white sleevemegararereport
BelgiumANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST/Don't Try Suicide [picture - 9k]7" PSElektra E-47031promo, unique green/black sleeve, contains US vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST/Dragon Attack [picture - 61k]12"EMI 446-1061yellow vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST/Dragon Attack12"EMI 446-1061green vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST/Dragon Attack12"EMI 446-1061blue vinylmegararereport
ColombiaANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST/Dragon Attack12"EMI 446-1061orange vinylmegararereport
ColombiaUNDER PRESSURE/Soul Brother12"EMI 446-1097yellow vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaUNDER PRESSURE/Soul Brother12"EMI 446-1097green vinylmegararedefinite
United KingdomLAS PALABRAS DE AMOR10"(none)acetate, different mixmegararedefinite
JapanRADIO GA-GA(4.24 edit)/Radio Ga-Ga [bw picture - 10k]7" PSToshiba-EMI PRP-1125photocopied sleeve, small picturemegararedefinite
JapanRADIO GA-GA(4.24 edit)/Radio Ga-Ga [picture - 14k]7" PSToshiba-EMI PRP-1125photocopied sleeve, large picturemegararedefinite
South AfricaHAMMER TO FALL/Tear It Up [back picture - 12k]7" PSEMI EMIJ 4487stickered UK live sleevemegararedefinite
United StatesHAMMER TO FALL/Tear It Up7" PSslightly different live sleevemegararedefinite
SpainHAMMER TO FALL(ext)/Tear It Up12" PSEMI 052 200 3456white sleevemegararedefinite
United KingdomA KIND OF MAGIC/A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling7" PSEMI QUEEN 7promo with foldout tour stage sleevemegararedefinite
JapanI WANT IT ALL/Hang On In There [picture - 13k]7" PSToshiba-EMI PRP 1397-megararedefinite
United KingdomBREAKTHRU12"acetatemegararereport
United KingdomTHE INVISIBLE MAN12"Transcription disc, totally different mixmegararedefinite
JapanTHE MIRACLE+17" PSToshiba-EMI YPS-048promo, photocopied title sleevemegararedefinite
United KingdomINNUENDO12" PD(none)picture disc test press with black vinyl base, plays Jesus Jonesmegararedefinite
JapanHEADLONG/Lost Opportunity7"Toshiba-EMI T68-D1-megararereport
FranceHEADLONG/The Hitman/Lost Opportunity12" PSEMI 2042866 PM212clown sleevemegararedefinite

Queen Albums

United KingdomQueen [picture - 17k]LPEMI YAX 4624EMI Conference issue, with press release, OFF WITH HIS HEAD/KIP HUGGYPOO KISSY in runoutmegararedefinite
United KingdomSheer Heart AttackLPacetatemegararedefinite
United KingdomNews Of The WorldBOX(none)stickered box with photos, biography, badge and "Champions" demo single, promo, 50 onlymegararedefinite
United StatesNews Of The WorldBOXElektra 6E-112promo box set, with special newspaper, stickers, photos and biographymegararedefinite
TurkeyBicycle Race [picture - 33k]LPPacific LP106different name for Jazz LP, yellow sleeve with red bicycle border and nude picture on front covermegararedefinite
TurkeyJazzLPPacific LP106repressing, blue cover with nude picture on inside of gatefoldmegararedefinite
TurkeyJazzLPrepressing, red cover, probably with nude picture on inside of gatefoldmegararerumour
ColombiaLive KillersLPEMI E2-S10disc 1 only, blue vinyl, no sleeve, promotionalmegararedefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMC 33501980 test pressing, two one-sided discs, stamped yellow label, omits Flashmegararedefinite
TurkeyFlash Gordon [picture - 64k]LPMax MAXLP 8103Queen picture on sleevemegararedefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LP PDBalkanton BTAPD 11253/54picture discmegararedefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI OLE-7012ps like inside of Live Killersmegararedefinite
ColombiaHot Space [picture - 55k]LPEMI 11907grey vinylmegararedefinite
United KingdomThe Complete Works (14 LP box)BOXEMI QBOX 1600 numbered and signedmegararedefinite
SwedenQueen Complete (11 LP box)BOXScandinavian-Music 15-5895some vinyl is Dutchmegararedefinite
New ZealandA Kind Of MagicLPEMI EMC 3509burgundy vinylmegararedefinite
AustraliaA Kind Of MagicLPEMI EMC 3509orange vinylmegararedefinite
AustraliaA Kind Of MagicLPEMI EMC 3509pink vinylmegararedefinite
ColombiaA Kind Of Magic [picture - 85k]LPEMI 111-051blue vinyl,not gatefoldmegararedefinite
PeruA Kind Of MagicLPEMI BE-02.0034Kurgan sleeve, not gatefoldmegararedefinite
GermanyQueen Mania (16 CD flight case)BOXParlophone QUEENBOX1numbered, with t-shirt and badgemegararedefinite
EcuadorThe MiracleLPEMI 303-0178different sleevemegararedefinite
JapanGreatest History, The Show Must Go OnCDToshiba-EMI PCD-0670numberedmegararedefinite

Freddie Singles

MexicoLOVE KILLS(ext)+112" PSclear green vinylmegararerumour
BrazilI WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU/Stop All The Fighting [picture - 19k]7" PSCBS 43604unique sleevemegararedefinite
BoliviaI WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU/Living On My Own/Made In Heaven/Let's Turn It On [picture - 9k] [back picture - 11k]7" PSCBS SEP 10462sleeve as "Mr Bad Guy" albummegararedefinite
MexicoNACI PARA AMARTE(ext)/DETEN EN PLEITO [picture - 19k]12"CBS 35048clear red vinylmegararedefinite
MexicoNACI PARA AMARTE(ext)/DETEN EN PLEITO12"CBS 35048clear green vinylmegararedefinite
JapanI WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU+1 [picture - 68k]12" PSCBS-Sony XDAP 93127different sleevemegararedefinite
ColombiaTHE GREAT PRETENDER/unknown12"blue vinylmegararereport
PortugalBARCELONA(edit)/Exercises In Free Love(mc) [picture - 42k] [back picture - 39k]7" PSPolydor 887075-7medical promo, gatefold different sleevemegararedefinite
JapanTHE GOLDEN BOY+1 [picture - 31k]7" PSPolydor DDI 300unique photocopied sleevemegararedefinite
JapanBARCELONA/Guide Me Home [picture - 31k]CD3 PSPolydor DCI-3047promo, silver sleevemegararedefinite

Roger Singles

BelgiumI WANNA TESTIFY/Turn On The TV [picture - 16k] [back picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 4C 006 99504-megararedefinite
United KingdomCOWBOYS AND INDIANS12"acetate with "remix quick test cut" written on labelmegararereport
United KingdomMANIPULATOR12"acetatemegararereport
FranceFINAL DESTINATION/Penetration Guru [picture - 87k] [back picture - 23k] [label picture - 29k]7" PSEMI 1475297promomegararedefinite
United KingdomNAZIS 1994(edit)/Nazis 1994(radio)10"(none)Abbey Road acetatemegararedefinite

Roger Albums

United KingdomElectric FireLPacetatemegararedefinite

Radio Show Albums

United StatesBBC Rock Hour - Golders Green 13/9/73 [picture - 40k]LPBBC-TS 135600-S CN 20/73/Swith cue sheet, a-side is Randy Newmanmegararedefinite

Tenuous Connection Albums

United KingdomLeft Handed MarriageOn The Right Side Of The Left Handed MarriageLP-megararedefinite

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