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Relief cover in USA, Japan, Germany (first press). Spanish subtitled version in usual countries. Additional colour insert in Holland, Japan, USA. No limited editions. Venezuela LP in gatefold sleeve. Turkey LP has band picture on sleeve.


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomFlash GordonLPEMI EMC 3351-commondefinite
NetherlandsFlash GordonLPEMI 1A 062 64203-commondefinite
GermanyFlash GordonLPEMI 1C 064 64203-commondefinite
ItalyFlash GordonLPEMI 3C 064 64203-commondefinite
SwedenFlash GordonLPEMI 7C 062 64203-commondefinite
SpainFlash GordonLPEMI 10C 068-064203Spanish titles, different inner sleevecommondefinite
PortugalFlash GordonLPEMI 11C 076 64203with Ming insert and film inner sleevecommondefinite
AustriaFlash GordonLPAustro-Mechana-uncommondefinite
BrazilFlash GordonLPEMI 31C 064 64203non-diecut innercommondefinite
IsraelFlash GordonLPEMI EMC 3351with insert and no inner sleeveaveragedefinite
South KoreaFlash GordonLPEMI OLE-358-averagedefinite
VenezuelaFlash GordonLPEMI 7651gatefold, no inner sleeveaveragedefinite
VenezuelaFlash GordonLPgatefold, white sleeverarereport
GuatemalaFlash GordonLPEMI 33180Spanish titles on labelaveragedefinite
MexicoFlash GordonLPEMI SLEM 992Spanish titles on backaveragedefinite
PeruFlash Gordon [picture - 14k]LPEMI ELD 02-21.863extra writing on frontuncommondefinite
TaiwanFlash Gordon [picture - 10k]LPunknown JJB 6312-uncommondefinite
UruguayFlash GordonLPEMI 500910Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
ChileFlash GordonLPEMI 5257red back, not gatefold, no inner sleeveaveragedefinite
ColombiaFlash GordonLPSpanish titlesaveragedefinite
TurkeyFlash Gordon [picture - 64k]LPMax MAXLP 8103Queen picture on sleevemegararedefinite
United StatesFlash GordonLPElektra 5E-518relief sleeve with different inner and insertcommondefinite
CanadaFlash GordonLPElektra X5E-518with different inner and insertcommondefinite
JapanFlash GordonLPElektra P-10960Ewith OBIaveragedefinite


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomFlash GordonCDEMI CDP 7 46214 2-commondefinite
United KingdomFlash GordonCDParlophone CDPCSD 137remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsFlash GordonCDEMI CDP 7 46214 2-commondefinite
NetherlandsFlash GordonCDParlophone 0777 7 89499 2 3remastercommondefinite
GermanyFlash GordonCDEMI CDP 7 46214 2-commondefinite
United StatesFlash GordonCDHollywood HR-61203-2long boxcommondefinite
JapanFlash GordonCDremasteraveragedefinite
JapanFlash GordonCDToshiba-EMI TOCP-8279-averagedefinite

Other formats

CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomFlash GordonTCEMI TC EMC 3351-commondefinite
United KingdomFlash GordonTCParlophone TCPCSD 137remastercommondefinite
BrazilFlash GordonTCEMI 31C 264 64203-commondefinite
ArgentinaFlash GordonTCEMI 18938orange sleeve, spanish titlesaveragedefinite
United StatesFlash GordonTCElektra TC-5518-commondefinite
IndonesiaFlash GordonTCunique "film still" sleeveaveragedefinite
United StatesFlash GordonTCHollywood HR-61203-4-commondefinite

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