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Picture disc from Bulgaria (or maybe Germany) which is probably a bootleg anyway. Note there is a second pressing of this picture disc (a bootleg of a bootleg!) which you can recognise by looking for the writing on the amplifiers. The picture is slightly bigger on the second pressing, so you can only see the writing on one of the amps behind John, whereas the "Marshall" can be seen on both amplifiers on the first pressing. Similarly on the right you can see Brian's hand on the first pressing but not on the second. The matrix numbers (etched into the centre grooves) are also different - BTA11253A/B on the first pressing and QN03A/B on the second. The first pressing is worth a lot of money and the second is still worth quite a bit (certainly much more than the fan club magazine reckoned). There is also a third pressing which is definitely bootleg and is worth very little.

German first few pressings in maroon/brown cover with gold writing. Actually two different ones. One with relief, one without. Dutch "Grootste Hits" limited edition gold bordered cover. Bulgarian white cover, double LP and normal LP. Bulgarian LP with montreux '84 picture (like the picture disc). Seems to be a bootleg (like picture disc). Two East German compilations (called "Queen" but basically a greatest hits. One with a crest cover, one with the same picture as on the inside of "Queen II". Polish LP "Best Of Queen" with the picture from the Jazz inner sleeve/picture disc on the cover. US release on K-Tel records with different sleeve, and identical Venezualan sleeve. South African 1985 issue including T-shirt with tour dates. Gatefold sleeve from Venezuela

The rarest Greatest Hits sleeve is possible one of the rarest Queen items ever. In 1980, a compilation was first planned, and it got as far as having a sleeve designed. This was shelved when the Flash Gordon project came along. The running order was the same as the eventual UK release, but without the Flash song. Four copies of the mock-up sleeve are thought to exist (along with details of a possible press campaign). The style of the sleeve is with a picture of each member taking up a quarter of the sleeve (the picture of Roger makes him look rather silly!)


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1980 version
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMC 33501980 test pressing, completely different sleeve, proof sleeve and press insert only, omits Flashimpossibledefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMC 33501980 test pressing, two one-sided discs, stamped yellow label, omits Flashmegararedefinite
1981 version
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV 30no barcode on backcommondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV 30white on black barcode backcommondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV 30black on white barcode backcommondefinite
AustriaGreatest HitsLP-scarcerumour
AustraliaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPElektra 5E564-commondefinite
AustraliaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMC 178041-commondefinite
New ZealandGreatest Hits [tracks]LPElektra 5E-664-commondefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPBalkanton BTA 11253/542 Lp, gatefold psuncommondefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LP PDBalkanton BTAPD 11253/54picture discmegararedefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LP PDBalkanton QN-03 A/Bpicture disc, re-pressingscarcedefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LP PDBalkanton BTAPD 11253/54counterfeit picture discaveragefake
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPBalkanton BTA 11253/54live psscarcedefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPBalkanton BTA 11253blue/yellow/black group psuncommondefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPBalkanton BTA 11254red/black silver 4 faces psuncommondefinite
BulgariaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPBalkanton BTA 11843white psuncommondefinite
BrazilGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 31C 064-78054with Love Of My Lifeaveragedefinite
CanadaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPElektra X5E-564-commondefinite
ChileGreatest HitsLP-uncommondefinite
ColombiaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 11865white titles on backaveragedefinite
GermanyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 1C 088-78044brown/gold relief sleeve with sticker, with Spread Your Wingsuncommondefinite
GermanyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 1C 088-78044brown/gold non-relief sleeve, with Spread Your Wingsuncommondefinite
GermanyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 1C 064-78071add. "Under Pressure" printcommondefinite
GermanyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 064 7 94111 1add. "Under Pressure" printcommondefinite
GermanyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 32186-9club pressing, add. "UP" printcommondefinite
SpainGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 068 1780711spanish subtitles on backcommondefinite
SpainGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 10C 068-078.071add. UP printcommondefinite
EcuadorGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 303-0092-averagedefinite
FranceGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 2C 070-78071"Under Pressure" stickercommondefinite
FranceGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 064 78071with Under Pressurecommondefinite
GreeceGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 14C 064-78041orange writingaveragedefinite
GreeceGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 14C 064-78041red writingaveragedefinite
HungaryGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI-Gong SLXPL 37121-uncommondefinite
ItalyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 3C 064 78041-commondefinite
ItalyGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 64 1780411-commondefinite
IsraelGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV30-averagedefinite
IsraelGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTX30add. "Under Pressure" printaveragedefinite
IndiaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV30Title pink, tracks whiteaveragedefinite
JapanGreatest Hits [tracks]LPElektra P-6480Ewith OBI and insert, with Under Pressure and Teo Torriateaveragedefinite
MexicoGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 33C 062-78041/SLEM-1040-averagedefinite
NetherlandsGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI TV 064-78041-commondefinite
NetherlandsGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI TV 064-794111 1-commondefinite
NetherlandsGrootste Hits [tracks]LPEMI 058 15 4107 1with Under Pressure, company inner bagaveragedefinite
NetherlandsGrootste Hits [tracks]LPEMI 1A 064 54079without Under Pressure, gold borderaveragedefinite
NetherlandsGrootste Hits [tracks]LPEMI 1A 064 54107with Under Pressure, gold borderaveragedefinite
PortugalGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 11C 076-78041-commondefinite
PortugalGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 1780411-commondefinite
ArgentinaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 8023-averagedefinite
PhilippinesGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV 30gatefold psuncommondefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI OLE-7012ps like inside of Live Killersmegararedefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EKPL-0073add. red/white stripe below picaveragedefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI OLE-411-averagedefinite
Singapore Malaysia Hong KongGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMTV 30-averagedefinite
USSRGreatest Hits [tracks]LPMelodia A60 00703 001pink/red backcommondefinite
USSRGreatest Hits [tracks]LPMelodia A60 00703 001black/white backcommondefinite
Russian FederationGreatest Hits [tracks]LPMelodia A60 00703 001b/w back, "Ritonis" pressingcommondefinite
United StatesGreatest Hits [tracks]LPElektra 5E-564-commondefinite
YugoslaviaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPJugoton LSEMI 78031-averagedefinite
VenezuelaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 7706gatefold ps, 1981, intro in Englishaveragedefinite
VenezuelaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 7717gatefold ps, 1982, intro in Spanishaveragedefinite
VenezuelaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 25048gatefold psaveragedefinite
VenezuelaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 25124blue ps, 1986, no spotsscarcedefinite
VenezuelaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI 25124blue ps, 1986, white spots on backscarcedefinite
South AfricaGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMCJB 5258/82C 062-78041-averagedefinite
ZimbabweGreatest Hits [tracks]LPEMI EMCJ(D) 5258-averagedefinite
GuatemalaGreatest HitsLP-uncommondefinite
BoliviaGreatest HitsLP-uncommondefinite


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]CDEMI CDP 7 46033 2-commondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]CDParlophone CDPCSD 141remastercommondefinite
United KingdomGreatest HitsMDParlophone 7895048-averagedefinite
NetherlandsGreatest Hits [tracks]CDEMI CDP 7 46033 2-commondefinite
NetherlandsGreatest HitsCDEMI CDP 7 46033 2disc made in Japancommondefinite
NetherlandsGreatest Hits [tracks]CDParlophone 0777 7 80504 2 4remastercommondefinite
GermanyGreatest HitsCDEMI CDP 7 46033 2red CDcommondefinite
ItalyGreatest HitsCDParlophone 0777 7 80504 2 4remastercommondefinite
AustraliaGreatest HitsCDEMI 7 46033 2-commondefinite
BrazilGreatest HitsCDEMI 368 7460332-commondefinite
BulgariaGreatest HitsCD-commondefinite
South AfricaGreatest HitsCDEMI CDEMCJ(WF) 5543 7895042-commondefinite
ChinaGreatest HitsCDCarol SCD-036with OBIaveragedefinite
JapanGreatest HitsCDElektra 32XD-329-averagedefinite
JapanGreatest HitsCDElektra CP82-5381-averagedefinite
JapanGreatest HitsCD-averagedefinite
JapanGreatest HitsCDToshiba-EMI TOCP-8284remasteraveragedefinite
1992 'Hollywood' reissue
United StatesGreatest Hits [tracks]CDHollywood HR-61265-2-commondefinite
CanadaGreatest Hits [tracks]CDHollywood HR-61265-2-commondefinite
United StatesTheir BestCDHollywood HR-61265-2promo suitcase with folder, photo, CD and "Champions" promo CD singleraredefinite

Other formats

CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI TC EMTV 30-commondefinite
United KingdomGreatest Hits [tracks]TCParlophone TCPCSD 141remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI 1C 264 78071different sleevecommondefinite
NetherlandsGrootste Hits [picture - 14k] [tracks]TCEMI 258 15 4107 4includes Under Pressurecommondefinite
GermanyGreatest HitsTCEMI 1C 264-78071Club Sonderauflage 33 135-5commondefinite
GreeceGreatest HitsTCEMI 14C 262-78041-commondefinite
BrazilGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI 31C 264-78054with Love Of My Lifecommondefinite
MexicoGrandes ExitosTCEMI CLEM-1040 33C 262-78041-commondefinite
GuatemalaGreatest HitsTCdifferent sleeveaveragedefinite
ArgentinaGreatest HitsTCEMI 66009-commondefinite
PolandGreatest HitsTC-commondefinite
SingaporeGreatest HitsTC-averagedefinite
ThailandGreatest HitsTC-averagedefinite
TurkeyGreatest HitsTC-averagedefinite
NepalGreatest Hits [picture - 13k] [tracks]TCWorld-Hits 0102-averagedefinite
IndonesiaA Greatest Hits [tracks] [picture - 57k]TCMusicbox M.95020unique track listing, approx 1984 release, well dodgyuncommondefinite
AustraliaGreatest HitsTCEMI TC-EMC-178041-commondefinite
South KoreaGreatest Hits [tracks]TCEMI TC EMTV30 EKPC0073in slipcasecommondefinite
United StatesGreatest Hits8TElektra 5TB 564-commondefinite
1992 'Hollywood' reissue
United StatesGreatest HitsTCHollywood HR-61265-4-commondefinite

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