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Mirror cover in UK, USA, Germany, Japan and some other counties, later pressings have grey cover instead. White cover from Mexico. Taiwan? sleeve is same as normal inner sleeve. MFSL master recording vinyl and gold CD. Grey vinyl test pressing from Israel (may be bootleg or may be incredibly rare - the former sounds much more likely). Russian pressing with different sleeve (Live Aid picture on the cover). South Korean LP with different track listing (no AOBTD/DTS/DA, has YTMBA) probably due to censorship. Pink sleeve from ?Taiwan with subtitle "Includes Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Play The Game". Gatefold sleeve from Venezeula.


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1980 version
United KingdomThe GameLPEMI EMA 795mirror sleevecommondefinite
NetherlandsThe GameLPEMI 1A 062-63923mirror sleevecommondefinite
GermanyThe GameLPEMI 1A 064-63923mirror sleevecommondefinite
GermanyThe GameLPEMI 1C 064-63923mirror sleevecommondefinite
GermanyThe GameLPEMI 1C 064-63923non-mirror sleevecommondefinite
FranceThe GameLP-commondefinite
ItalyThe GameLPEMI 3C 064 63923-commondefinite
SwedenThe GameLPEMI 7C 064 63923-commondefinite
PortugalThe GameLPEMI 11C 074 63923-commondefinite
GreeceThe GameLPEMI 14C 064 63923slightly different sleeve, non-mirroraveragedefinite
BrazilThe GameLPEMI 31C 064 63923mirror sleevecommondefinite
BrazilThe GameLPEMI 31C 064 63923non-mirror sleevecommondefinite
BrazilThe GameLPEMI 31C 064 63923with promo insertaveragedefinite
ArgentinaThe GameLPEMI 8823Spanish titles,non-mirror sleeveaveragedefinite
TurkeyThe GameLPMAX 8012-averageadvert
YugoslaviaThe GameLPJugoton LSEMI 78025-averagedefinite
Russian FederationThe GameLPRAT N94 30754different sleevecommondefinite
MexicoThe GameLPEMI 33C 062-63923 SLEM 972white sleeveuncommondefinite
IndiaThe GameLPEMI EMA 795mirror sleeveaveragedefinite
Hong KongThe GameLPEMI EMA 795-averagedefinite
South AfricaThe GameLPblue top borderuncommondefinite
TaiwanThe Game [picture - 13k]LPunknown JL JJB 6280pink sleevescarcedefinite
South KoreaThe GameLPunknown BE 203different blue sleevescarcedefinite
South KoreaThe GameLPEMI OLE-333different tracks, includes YTMBAscarcedefinite
ChileThe GameLPEMI 5244mirror sleeve, no inneraveragedefinite
VenezuelaThe GameLPHarvest SHLP 9543gatefold sleeveaveragedefinite
IsraelThe GameLPEMI EMA 795portrait labels, insert, no inner sleeveaveragedefinite
East GermanyThe GameLPIntershop pressingscarcedefinite
United StatesThe GameLPElektra 5E-513mirror sleevecommondefinite
United StatesThe GameLPElektra 5E-513non-mirror sleevecommondefinite
United StatesThe Game [picture - 21k]LPMFSL 1-211non-mirror sleeve, gatefold, numberedcommondefinite
CanadaThe GameLPElektra X5E-513mirror sleevecommondefinite
CanadaThe GameLPElektra X5E-513non-mirror sleevecommondefinite
JapanThe GameLPElektra P-10875Ewith OBI and insertaveragedefinite


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1980 version
United KingdomThe GameCDEMI CDP 7 46213 2-commondefinite
United KingdomThe GameCDParlophone CDPCSD 134remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsThe GameCDEMI CDP 7 46213 2-commondefinite
NetherlandsThe GameCDParlophone 0777 7 89496 2 6remastercommondefinite
BrazilThe GameCDEMI 368 7462132-commondefinite
MexicoThe GameCDEMI 219 746213Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
Russian FederationThe GameCDunknown HR-61063-2replica of Hollywood CD, picture disc, no booklet, bonus remixcommondefinite
United StatesThe GameCDElektra 64513-2long boxaveragedefinite
United StatesThe GameCDHollywood HR-61063-2long boxcommondefinite
United StatesThe Game [picture - 16k]CDMFSL UDCD 610ultradiskaveragedefinite
JapanThe GameCDToshiba-EMI CP32-5318-averagedefinite
JapanThe GameCDToshiba-EMI TOCP-8278remasteraveragedefinite
JapanThe GameCDToshiba-EMI TOCP-65110mirror card sleeve, with insertaveragedefinite

Other formats

CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1980 version
United KingdomThe GameTCEMI TC EMA 795 0C 264 63923mirror sleevecommondefinite
United KingdomThe GameTCParlophone TCPCSD 134remastercommondefinite
GermanyThe GameTCEMI 1A 262 63923-commondefinite
ArgentinaThe GameTCEMI 18823Spanish Titlescommondefinite
United StatesThe GameTCElektra TC-5513-commondefinite
United StatesA Night At The Opera/The GameTCElektra 60279-4-P2-on-1 cassettecommondefinite
United StatesThe GameTCHollywood HR-61063-4-commondefinite
MoroccoThe GameTC-averagereport
United StatesThe Game8TElektra 5T8 513-commondefinite

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