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No limited editions. Japanese first pressing came with four page colour poster. Venezuela LP first pressing has silver writing instead of red, the second pressing has the usual red writing, but unusually is a gatefold sleeve. Indian LP has the lyrics on the back. Russian LP has a different back covers.


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1984 version
United KingdomThe WorksLPEMI WORK1 EMC 24 0014 1-commondefinite
NetherlandsThe WorksLP-commondefinite
NetherlandsThe WorksLPEMI 1A 064 2400141-commondefinite
GermanyThe WorksLPEMI 1C 064 2400141-commondefinite
ItalyThe WorksLPEMI 64 2400141-commondefinite
SpainThe WorksLPEMI 072 2400141-commondefinite
PortugalThe WorksLPEMI 240014 1-commondefinite
BrazilThe WorksLPEMI 31C 064 240014red writing, with insertcommondefinite
BrazilThe WorksLPEMI 31C 064 240014blue writingaveragedefinite
VenezuelaThe WorksLPEMI-Rodven 04510silver writinguncommondefinite
VenezuelaThe WorksLPHarvest 103-04510red writing, gatefoldaveragedefinite
IsraelThe WorksLPEMI EMC 24 0014portrait labelsaveragedefinite
Russian FederationThe WorksLPRAT 30753different backcommondefinite
South KoreaThe WorksLPEMI OLE-520with four page lyric insertaveragedefinite
YugoslaviaThe WorksLPJugoton LSEMI 11059-averagedefinite
MexicoThe WorksLPEMI SLEM 1176-averagedefinite
UruguayThe WorksLPSpanish titlesaveragedefinite
Singapore Malaysia Hong KongThe WorksLPEMI EMC-2400141lyric insert and chinese stickeraveragedefinite
AustraliaThe WorksLPEMI P.240014-commondefinite
CzechoslovakiaThe WorksLPEMI 9113 1714different backaveragedefinite
IndiaThe WorksLPEMI EMC 24001 41lyrics on backaveragedefinite
JapanThe WorksLPToshiba-EMI EMS-91076with OBI and insertaveragedefinite
United StatesThe WorksLPCapitol ST-12322-commondefinite
CanadaThe WorksLPCapitol ST-12322-commondefinite


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1984 version
United KingdomThe WorksCDEMI CDP 7 46016 2-commondefinite
United KingdomThe WorksCDEMI CDP 7 46016 2CD made in Japancommondefinite
United KingdomThe WorksCDParlophone CDPCSD 136remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsThe WorksCDEMI CDP 7 46016 2-commondefinite
NetherlandsThe WorksCDParlophone 0777 7 89498 2 4remastercommondefinite
United StatesThe WorksCDCapitol CDP 7 46016 2-commondefinite
United StatesThe WorksCDHollywood HR-61233-2long boxcommondefinite
JapanThe WorksCDToshiba-EMI CP35-3117-averagedefinite
JapanThe WorksCDToshiba-EMI TOCP-8281remasteraveragedefinite

Other formats

CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1984 version
United KingdomThe WorksTCEMI TC-EMC 24 0014 4-commondefinite
United KingdomThe WorksTCParlophone TCPCSD 136remastercommondefinite
NetherlandsThe WorksTC-commondefinite
GermanyThe WorksTCEMI 1C 264 0014 4club Sonderauflage 33 288-2commondefinite
GermanyThe WorksTCEMI TC-EMC 2400144-commondefinite
BrazilThe WorksTCEMI 31C 264 240014-commondefinite
ArgentinaThe WorksTCEMI 18205Spanish titlescommondefinite
TurkeyThe WorksTC-averagedefinite
PolandThe WorksTCPoker 914-commondefinite
MexicoThe WorksTCEMI CLEM-1176-commondefinite
United StatesThe WorksTCCapitol 4XT-12322-commondefinite
United StatesThe WorksTCHollywood HR-61233-4-commondefinite

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