BACK CHAT as an a-side


7" Singles

1982 version
United KingdomBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 5325-averagedefinite
NetherlandsBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 1A 006-64851-averagedefinite
GermanyBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 1C 066-64851-averagerumour
FranceBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 2C 008-64851-averagedefinite
ItalyBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 10k]7" PS-averagedefinite
SpainBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI 10C 006-064851-averagedefinite
BrazilBACK CHAT/Staying Power [picture - 10k]7" PSEMI 31C 006-64851-averagedefinite
IrelandBACK CHAT/Staying Power7"EMI 5325-averagedefinite
South AfricaBACK CHAT/Staying Power7"EMI EMIJ 4412-averageadvert
ArgentinaBACK CHAT/Staying Power7"-averagereport
PeruBACK CHAT/Staying Power7"EMI PERU 16812-averagedefinite
ItalyBACK CHAT/BODY LANGUAGE7"jukeboxuncommondefinite
ItalyBACK CHAT/BODY LANGUAGE [picture - 17k]7" PSjukebox with radio promo sleevescarcedefinite
MexicoBACK CHAT/Back Chat7"EMI SEC 206promoaveragerumour
MexicoBACK CHAT/Back Chat [picture - 45k]7"EMI SEC 206promo, dark orange/brown vinyl, possibly a mispressingscarcedefinite
United StatesBACK CHAT(edit)/Staying Power7" PSElektra 7-69941-averagedefinite
United StatesBACK CHAT(edit)/Staying Power7" PSElektra 7-69941white labelsaveragedefinite
CanadaBACK CHAT(edit)/Staying Power7"Elektra 96-99417-averagedefinite
JapanBACK CHAT(edit)/Las Palabras De Amor [picture - 8k]7" PSElektra P-1708Ered labelsuncommondefinite

12" Singles

1982 version
United KingdomBACK CHAT(ext)/Staying Power12" PSEMI 12EMI 5325-uncommondefinite
GermanyBACK CHAT(ext)/Staying Power12" PSEMI 1A006 064851-uncommondefinite
NetherlandsBACK CHAT(ext)/Staying Power12" PSEMI 052Z 64851different arrangement of colours on sleeveuncommondefinite
SpainBACK CHAT(ext)/Staying Power12" PSEMI 10C 052 064851-uncommondefinite
United StatesBACK CHAT/Staying Power12"-averagedefinite
United StatesBACK CHAT(ext)/Staying Power12"Elektra 0-67975-averagedefinite
ItalyBACK CHAT+5 [label picture - 40k] [label picture - 46k]12"EMI 3C 040 79222DJ promouncommondefinite

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