YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND as an a-side


7" Singles

1976 version
United KingdomYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"EMI 2494-commondefinite
GermanyYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI 1C 006 97944-uncommondefinite
ItalyYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 9k]7" PSEMI 3C 006 97944-uncommondefinite
BelgiumYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 12k]7" PSEMI 4C 006 97944-uncommondefinite
NetherlandsYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 13k]7" PSEMI 5C 006 97944-averagedefinite
SpainYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 11k]7" PSEMI 1J 006 97944-raredefinite
BrazilYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"-averagedefinite
IrelandYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"EMI 2494-commondefinite
DenmarkYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"-averagerumour
FinlandYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"-averagerumour
GuatemalaYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"EMI 4209-averagedefinite
YugoslaviaYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 12k]7" PSJugoton SEMI 88908-raredefinite
United StatesYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"Elektra E-45318butterfly labelscommondefinite
United StatesYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"Elektra E-45318red labelscommondefinite
CanadaYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"Elektra E-45318butterfly labelscommondefinite
JapanYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/39 [picture - 10k]7" PSElektra P-16Ecaterpillar labelsaveragedefinite
AustraliaYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"-commondefinite
New ZealandYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/397"-commondefinite
ThailandYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND+3 [picture - 8k]7" PSFour-Track FT 350-raredefinite
United KingdomYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND/KILLER QUEEN [picture - 11k]7" PSEMI G45 1Golden 45averagedefinite
United KingdomYOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND7"one-sided test pressingscarcereport
United StatesBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND7"Elektra E-45083Spun Goldcommondefinite
CanadaBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND7"Elektra GS-45525Spun Goldcommonadvert
NetherlandsBOHEMIAN RHAPSODY/YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND7"Elektra E-45083American Spun Gold record in Oldies-45 sleeveaveragedefinite
Hong KongSOMEBODY TO LOVE/YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND7" PSJackpot POT69turquoise vinyl flexi with poster and stickersrarereport

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