CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomFun In SpaceLPEMI EMC 3369-averagedefinite
United KingdomFun In Space [picture - 22k]LPSpeciality Records test pressing with unfinished different sleeveimpossibledefinite
United KingdomFun In SpaceLPEMI EMC 3369with press release insertuncommondefinite
NetherlandsFun In SpaceLPEMI 1A 064 64328-averagedefinite
GermanyFun In SpaceLPEMI 1C 064 64328stickeraveragedefinite
FranceFun In SpaceLPEMI 2C 070 64328stickeraveragedefinite
ItalyFun In SpaceLPEMI 3C 064 64328no inneraveragedefinite
SpainFun In SpaceLPEMI 10C 066 064328-averagedefinite
PortugalFun In SpaceLPEMI 11C 076 64328-averagedefinite
BrazilFun In SpaceLPEMI 31C 064 64328with insertaveragedefinite
ArgentinaDiversion En El EspacioLPEMI 8952Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
IsraelFun In SpaceLPEMI EMC 3369-uncommondefinite
VenezuelaFun In SpaceLPEMI 7660gatefolduncommondefinite
Hong KongFun In SpaceLPno inneraveragedefinite
MexicoFun In SpaceLPEMI SLEM-1019Spanish titles, with OBI and insertuncommondefinite
United StatesFun In SpaceLPElektra 5E-522-averagedefinite
United StatesFun In SpaceLPElektra 5E-522gold stamped promo with presskituncommondefinite
CanadaFun In SpaceLPElektra X5E-522-averagedefinite
AustraliaFun In SpaceLPElektra 5E-522-averagedefinite
New ZealandFun In SpaceLPElektra 5E-522-uncommondefinite
JapanFun In SpaceLPElektra P-11000Ewith OBI and insertaveragedefinite


CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomFun In SpaceCDParlophone CDPCS 7380-commondefinite
NetherlandsFun In SpaceCDParlophone 7243 8 38201 2 2-commondefinite
JapanFun In SpaceCDToshiba-EMI TOCP-50027-averagedefinite

Other formats

CountryAlbum NameFormatCatalogueCommentRatingStatus
1981 version
United KingdomFun In SpaceTCEMI TC-EMC 3369-commondefinite
United KingdomFun In SpaceTCreissuecommondefinite
GermanyFun In SpaceTCEMI 1C 264 64328-commondefinite
BrazilFun In SpaceTCEMI 31C 264 64328-commondefinite
ArgentinaDiversion En El EspacioTCEMI 18952Spanish titlesaveragedefinite
United StatesFun In SpaceTCElektra 5C-5522-commondefinite

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