Concerts in Germany



Sheer Heart Attack European tour
Fri 6th Dec 1974 - Germany, Cologne
Day At The Races European tour
Mon 16th May 1977 - Germany, Düsseldorf, Philipshalle
News Of The World European tour
Wed 26th Apr 1978 - Germany, Dortmund, Westfallenhalle (setlist)
Jazz European tour
Sun 21st Jan 1979 - Germany, Dortmund, Westfallenhalle (setlist)
Thur 1st Feb 1979 - Germany, Cologne, Sportshalle (setlist) (bootlegs)
Game European tour
Wed 26th Nov 1980 - Germany, Cologne, Sportshalle (setlist)
Sat 29th Nov 1980 - Germany, Essen, Grudhalle (setlist)
Hot Space European tour
Sat 1st May 1982 - Germany, Dortmund, Westfallenhalle (setlist)
Thur 6th May 1982 - Germany, Cologne, Sportshalle (setlist)
Fri 7th May 1982 - Germany, Cologne, Sportshalle (setlist)
Works European tour
Tues 11th Sept 1984 - Germany, Dortmund, Westfallenhalle
Magic Tour
Sat 19th July 1986 - Germany, Cologne, Müngersdorfer Stadion


Back To The Light European tour
Sat 29th May 1993 - Germany, Cologne, Rock Am Ring
Tues 30th Nov 1993 - Germany, Düsseldorf, Philipshalle
Another World Tour
Mon 5th Oct 1998 - Germany, Cologne, E-Werk


Shove It Tour
Thur 21st Apr 1988 - Germany, Düsseldorf, Tor3
Sat 23rd Apr 1988 - Germany, Dortmund
Mad Bad And Dangerous Tour
Tues 22nd May 1990 - Germany, Bonn, Biskuithalle
Wed 23rd May 1990 - Germany, Dortmund, Tantastival Im Blickpunkt-Studio (setlist)
Thur 7th June 1990 - Germany, Bielefeld, PC69 (setlist)
Blue Rock Tour
Thur 10th Oct 1991 - Germany, Herford, Rock Heaven
Tues 22nd Oct 1991 - Germany, Düsseldorf, Philipshalle (setlist)
Sat 26th Oct 1991 - Germany, Erndtebrück, Sporthalle Birkelbach
Happiness? Tour
Fri 14th Oct 1994 - Germany, Cologne, Presswerks (setlist)

Guest Appearance

Sat 19th July 1986 - Germany, Cologne, Muengersdorfer Stadion (with Brian)