Concerts in Great Britain



Mott The Hoople UK tour
Wed 28th Nov 1973 - UK, Swansea, Brangwyn Hall
Queen II UK tour
Thur 28th Mar 1974 - UK, Aberystwyth, University
Sheer Heart Attack UK tour
Fri 15th Nov 1974 - UK, Swansea, Brangwyn Hall
Night At The Opera UK tour
Wed 19th Nov 1975 - UK, Cardiff, Capitol
Summer 1976 tour
Fri 10th Sept 1976 - UK, Cardiff, Castle


Back To The Light European tour
Fri 11th June 1993 - UK, Cardiff, Ice Rink


Shove It Tour
Wed 2nd Mar 1988 - UK, Cardiff, University
Electric Fire Tour
Tues 16th Mar 1999 - UK, Cardiff, Coal Exchange