Concerts in United States



Sheer Heart Attack North American tour
Wed 5th Mar 1975 - USA, La Crosse, Mary E Sawyer Auditorium
Thur 6th Mar 1975 - USA, Madison
Fri 7th Mar 1975 - USA, Milwaukee, Uptown Theatre
Night At The Opera North American tour
Sat 28th Feb 1976 - USA, Wisconsin, Dane County Coliseum
Mon 1st Mar 1976 - USA, Milwaukee, Auditorium
Queen Lizzy tour
Thur 13th Jan 1977 - USA, Milwaukee, Auditorium
Fri 14th Jan 1977 - USA, Madison, Dane County Coliseum
Jazz North American tour
Wed 6th Dec 1978 - USA, Madison, Dane County Coliseum
Game North American tour
Wed 10th Sept 1980 - USA, Milwaukee, Mecca (setlist) (bootlegs)


Back To The Light North American tour
Wed 13th Oct 1993 - USA, Milwaukee, Modjeska Theater