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Queen Trainspotter's Guide

About This Site

The "Trainspotter's Guide" pages are intended as a bit of fun, for collectors and fans who want to know about every last variation of every track. Think of it as a sort of "dictionary", in which you can look up your favourite tracks and see which versions of them are available. There is also background information on album and single releases, discographies and information about collecting Queen. And the usual web stuff, of course - links, Java games etc.

Compiling this site is a major on-going task, and I would like to thank the following for their information and support:

Bruno & Simona, Martin Gmachl, Mike May, Saul Duck, Paul Scheffer, and everyone else who mailed me with info. It's all appreciated!

And a special thank you to Andrew Young, without whom this site would never be as good as it (hopefully) is.