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The Game

Associated Songs

Released 1980


Play The Game (Mercury) (3:30)
Dragon Attack (May) (4:18)
Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon) (3:35)
Need Your Loving Tonight (Mercury) (2:48)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mercury) (2:44)

Rock It (prime jive) (Taylor) (4:31)
Don't Try Suicide (Mercury) (3:52)
Sail Away Sweet Sister (May) (3:32)
Coming Soon (Taylor) (2:50)
Save Me (May) (3:48)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Track:
Dragon Attack (1991 Remix) (May) (4:20)

Queen's first album to be issued on CD, and their first platinum US release. Their first and only US number one album. "Another One Bites the Dust" tops the US "black" chart, wins "Best Crossover Single" awards, and becomes their biggest US hit to date. The song has also been accused of having "subliminal messages" buried in it, based on the dubious claim that if you play it backwards you can hear the phrase "it's fun to smoke marijuana" in the chorus. Whether you do or not really depends on whether you want to, as anything you do hear is pure coincidence. One thing that is certain, is that you can ruin your record trying. The recording sessions for this album are frequently quoted as having been their most prolific ever, yet only one non-album track appeared as a B-side. It's possible, but doubtful, that others actually exist. "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" was allegedly written in a hotel bath. "Sail Away Sweet Sister" subtitled "To the sister I never had" by Brian. Fender guitar used on "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" played "under duress" by Brian, who hated the sound of it. But most significantly, its the first Queen album to feature the use of a synthesiser, an Oberheim OBX. Also their first collaboration with producer and friend Mack. Brian sings lead vocal on "Sail Away Sweet Sister". Roger sings lead vocal on "Rock It", although Freddie sings the intro. First appearance of the moustache.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Most countries. Usual B-side is "We Will Rock You (live)". In Japan and the US the B-side was "Spread Your Wings (live)". All live tracks taken from "Live Killers". 12" maxi-single in Germany. 1988 CD3 has the studio "Spread Your Wings" and "Flash" as the B-sides instead. Numerous (well, at least seven) Columbian coloured vinyl 12"s exist.

Save Me
Most countries, not US. Usual B-side is "Let Me Entertain You (live)". "Sheer Heart Attack (live)" was the B-side in Japan and Australia. Again, all live tracks are taken from "Live Killers".

Play The Game
Most countries. The B-side is "A Human Body", written by Roger, which is only the second non-album track to be released as a B-side. It still remains unreleased on CD. Roger sings lead vocal on "A Human Body".

Another One Bites The Dust
Most countries, normally with "Dragon Attack" as the B-side. Different B-side ("Don't Try Suicide") in Japan and US. Though an "extended mix" was never released, there are 12" singles from several countries, the German maxi-single being the most common - in fact there are actually at least two German pressings of this 12". 1988 CD3 adds "Las Palabras De Amor". US Spun Gold re-issue 7", AA-sided with "Keep Yourself Alive". Columbian yellow and green vinyl 12"s exist. Several unofficial remixes also exist, not by Queen.

Need Your Loving Tonight
Japan and US release only. B-side is "Rock It (prime jive)". No US ps, though the Japan ps is very nice. US promos seem much more common than the standard US release.

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