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Released 1981


Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury) (5:56)
Another One Bites The Dust (Deacon) (3:30)
Killer Queen (Mercury) (3:00)
Fat Bottomed Girls (May) (3:21) *
Bicycle Race (Mercury) (3:00)
You're My Best Friend (Deacon) (2:50)
Don't Stop Me Now (Mercury) (3:29)
Save Me (May) (3:48)

Somebody To Love (1991 Remix) (Mercury) (4:56)
Now I'm Here (May) (4:12)
Good Old-Fashioned Lover-Boy (Mercury) (2:54)
Play The Game (Mercury) (3:28)
Flash's Theme (May) (2:45) *
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury) (2:47)
We Will Rock You (May) (2:00)
We Are The Champions (Mercury) (2:59)

* single mix

The above track listing is the UK (and Greek) one. However, almost every country this album was released in got a slightly different version. And it gets worse if you want all the sleeve variations! The most common variation is the inclusion of "Under Pressure", but many other tracks have made an appearance. Apart from obvious tracks like "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Keep Yourself Alive", even tracks that were never released as singles (or even B-sides!) such as "Sweet Lady" and even "My Melancholy Blues" can be found on some copies of this album. Add to that, the number of other "Best Of" compilations, and "Golden Collections" etc., and it starts getting difficult finding a Queen track that hasn't appeared on a "Hits" collection! For exact country-by-country track listings, try Mark Dobie's Discographies. Just don't confuse this release with the 1992 US re-issue CD from Hollywood Records, which has a completely different track listing and sleeve, and includes material up to "I Want To Break Free" from 1984. That CD is just a companion volume for the US-only "Classic Queen" CD, and is not anything to do with this 1981 release.


None as such, although there is a Spanish promo-only 7" of "Bohemian Rhapsody", backed with "We Will Rock You", that seems to have been issued to promote this LP. Its exceptionally rare though, and doesn't have a ps.

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