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A Kind Of Magic

Associated Songs

Released 1986


One Vision (Queen) (5:08)
A Kind Of Magic (Taylor) (4:23)
One Year Of Love (Deacon) (4:26)
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Mercury) (4:19)
Friends Will Be Friends (Mercury / Deacon) (4:07)

Who Wants To Live Forever (May) (5:13)
Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme) (May) (4:32)
Don't Lose Your Head (Taylor) (4:35)
Princes Of The Universe (Mercury) (3:30)

UK / Capitol CD Bonus Tracks:
A Kind Of "A Kind Of Magic" (Taylor) (3:38)
Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends (Mercury / Deacon) (5:45)
Forever (May) (3:20)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Tracks:
One Vision (Extended Vision) (Queen) (6:23)
Forever (May) (3:20)

Many of the songs featured here were written for the film "Highlander", where they appear in slightly different forms ("A Kind Of Magic", "One Year Of Love", and all of side two). One of the first tracks written for the film was "Who Wants To Live Forever", reportedly composed by Brian "in the back of the car" on the way home from their first viewing of the film. The first Queen album specially mastered for CD, though that didn't stop Hollywood Records remastering it anyway in 1992. "One Vision" was used in the film "Iron Eagle". The distorted vocals at the start of "One Vision" are not entirely meaningless - if you listen closely you can just about make out "God works in mysterious ways...mysterious ways". Joan Armatrading provides incidental vocals on "Don't Lose Your Head". Brian sings lead vocals on one verse of "Who Wants To Live Forever". Every track on this album has appeared on 7" in some form, and seven of them have been A-sides.


One Vision
Released everywhere. A-side is an edit, B-side is the non-album "Blurred Vision". 12" has "Extended Vision", not the edit. Limited UK 12" with PVC "negative" sleeve. Both 7" and 12" available with or without red inner sleeve in the UK. US AA-sided promo 7", with two versions of "One Vision" exists. "Blurred Vision" still unreleased on CD.

A Kind Of Magic
Released everywhere. Standard B-side is a non-album instrumental written by Roger, "A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling". US B-side is "Gimme The Prize". 12" has extended mix. 12" also has slightly extended B-side, but doesn't state it. 1988 CD3 adds "One Vision". Also UK 12" picture disc, which mis-labels the B-side as "Don't Lose Your Head (instrumental)". US DJ-only remix 12" exists, as does a US promo 12" AA-sided with album and extended versions.

Friends Will Be Friends
Most countries, though not US or Japan. B-side is "Seven Seas Of Rhye". 12" adds extended version. Limited 7" picture disc in UK.

Who Wants To Live Forever
Some countries only. A-side is a remix. B-side is "Killer Queen". 12" adds album mix and "Forever". Re-released in Germany and Holland after Freddie's death, as a double A-side with "Friends Will Be Friends". Bootleg 12" picture disc exists.

Princes Of The Universe
Released in US, Japan and Australia only (B-side varies). Australian sleeve is stunning. No official 12", though an AA-sided US promo 12" (no ps) exists.

One Year Of Love
Released in France and Spain only (Spanish sleeve has slightly different back). B-side is "Gimme The Prize". 12" exists, but no extended version. Nice ps though.

Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
Initially only a US release, but later released in some European countries as well. A-side is a remix, B-side is "Don't Lose Your Head". Also Australian issue with "Who Wants To Live Forever" as the B-side. Great sleeve, and 12" adds extended mix. One of very few Queen singles that admit the A-side is not the album mix.

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