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The Miracle

Associated Songs

Released 1989


Party (Queen) (2:25)
Khashoggi's Ship (Queen) (2:48)
The Miracle (Queen) (5:02)
I Want It All (Queen) (4:42)
The Invisible Man (Queen) (3:57)

Breakthru (Queen) (4:08)
Rain Must Fall (Queen) (4:24)
Scandal (Queen) (4:43)
My Baby Does Me (Queen) (3:23)
Was It All Worth It (Queen) (5:46)

CD-only Bonus Tracks:
Hang On In There (Queen) (3:47)
Chinese Torture (Queen) (1:45)
The Invisible Man (extended version) (Queen) (5:29)
Scandal (extended version) (Queen) (6:23) *

* US CD only
note US CD has edited version of "I Want It All"

First album not to feature individual writing credits. Instead all tracks simply credited to "Queen". The group have often said they wished they'd done that sooner, as it solved a lot of ego problems. The sessions for this album are reportedly some of their most prolific, and indeed several new tracks appeared as B-sides. "Khashoggi's Ship" alledgedly based "around a real event" - must have been some party! The intro to "Breakthru" was originally part of a different song altogether, and was added to "Breakthru" to make it sound "more complete". The girl in the "Breakthru" video is Roger's girlfriend. The album was due to feature "Too Much Love Will Kill You", but the idea was later dropped. "Was It All Worth It" has a superb instrumental break, which includes an orchestra arrangement and the lyrics seem semi-autobiographical (a kind of "The Show Must Go On, Part One"). "Chinese Torture" is an instrumental showpiece for Brian, and also features an orchestra arrangement. Brian lead vocal for a brief part of "I Want It All". The US Hollywood Records CD has a slightly edited version of "I Want It All", missing some vocals in the first chorus. Hollywood Records claim this is not a mistake, and have no intention of correcting it. This is also about the only Queen album for which genuine demos have been found. Very short, early takes of "Too Much Love Will Kill You", "Scandal", "The Invisible Man", "I Want It All", "The Miracle" and "The Hitman" have appeared. However its only circumstantial evidence that places the latter with these sessions.


I Want It All
Released everywhere. A-side is a "single mix". The B-side, "Hang On In There", is also a bonus track on CD copies of the album. 12" and CD adds album mix. The UK CD is a picture disc. Very rare Japan 7" promo ps exists, and has been bootlegged. Promo "press pack" 7" in gatefold folder with inserts also exists. Austrian CD3.

Most countries, mainly Europe. B-side is the non-album song "Stealin'".12" and CD adds extended mix. UK shaped 7" picture disc. US promo CD with "Now Edit" and "Almost Now Edit".

The Invisible Man
Most countries, mainly Europe. Non-album B-side is "Hijack My Heart". 12" and CD adds extended mix. UK 7" and 12" clear vinyl. Austrian CD3. Roger sings lead vocal on "Hijack My Heart".

Some countries only. B-side is the original version of "My Life Has Been Saved", which was later re-recorded for inclusion on Made In Heaven. 12" and CD adds extended mix of "Scandal". UK 7" poster bag and 12" etched disc. Rare US promo CD adds "Hijack My Heart" and "Stealin'". Austrian CD3.

The Miracle
Some countries only. B-side is "Stone Cold Crazy (live)". 12" and CD adds "My Melancholy Blues (live)". All live tracks taken from the "Rare Live" video. Limited UK 12" with print, although the "unlimited" one is rarer. Limited UK 7" in hologram sleeve. Austrian CD3.

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