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Released 1977


We Will Rock You (May) (2:01)
We Are The Champions (Mercury) (2:59)
Sheer Heart Attack (Taylor) (3:24)
All Dead, All Dead (May) (3:09)
Spread Your Wings (Deacon) (4:32)
Fight From The Inside (Taylor) (3:03)

Get Down, Make Love (Mercury) (3:51)
Sleeping On The Sidewalk (May) (3:07)
Who Needs You (Mercury) (3:07)
It's Late (May) (6:27)
My Melancholy Blues (Mercury) (3:29)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Track:
We Will Rock You (1991 Remix) (May) (5:00)

Album artwork inspired by a 1950's science-fiction book cover. Acoustic guitars on "Who Needs You" by John and Brian, maracas by Brian, cowbell by Freddie. "Sheer Heart Attack" bass and rhythm guitar by Roger. Brian sings lead vocal on "Sleeping On The Sidewalk" and "All Dead, All Dead". Roger sings lead vocal, bass guitar and additional guitars on "Fight From The Inside". And there are no drums on "We Will Rock You" - its all handclaps and foot-stomping. Early Hollywood Records CDs suffered a mastering error on "It's Late", omitting the first chord or two, but this was quickly corrected and new copies are fine.


We Are The Champions
Released everywhere, with "We Will Rock You" as the AA-side (or B-side in some countries). Phenomenally successful. In France it was number one for so long they had to swap the A and B-sides, due to a peculiar French law which says a song can only be number one for a certain number of weeks. The sleeve was re-printed and it just continued at number one (for a total of 14 weeks!). Usually AA-sided elsewhere. 12" US radio promo (no ps) has both tracks on same side, and so the tracks kept being played back-to-back on US radio, a tradition that still continues today. 1988 CD3 adds "Fat Bottomed Girls". Very popular amongst sports clubs, the A-side was re-issued in 1994 in Holland for the football World Cup, and again in 1996 for the European Championships. In 1992, a CD5 with four remixes of "We Will Rock You" and one of "We Are The Champions" was issued in the US, together with an 8-mix promo 12". Also numerous unofficial dance remixes, not by Queen.

Spread Your Wings
Most countries, though not US or Japan. A-side is an edit. B-side is "Sheer Heart Attack". No real sleeve variations.

It's Late
US and Japan only, each has unique ps. A-side is an edit. B-side is "Sheer Heart Attack". Japan sleeve and disc both say its the album mix, but it isn't. A US promo 7", AA-sided with edit and album versions, also exists. This seems just as common as the official US 7", although any copy of this single is now quite rare.

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