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A Night At The Opera

Associated Songs

Released 1975


Death On Two Legs (Mercury) (3:44)
Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Mercury) (1:07)
I'm In Love With My Car (Taylor) (3:05)
You're My Best Friend (Deacon) (2:50)
'39 (May) (3:30)
Sweet Lady (May) (4:02)
Seaside Rendezvous (Mercury) (2:14)

The Prophet's Song (May) (8:20)
Love Of My Life (Mercury) (3:34)
Good Company (May) (3:17)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Mercury) (5:59)
God Save The Queen (trad. arr May) (1:12)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Tracks:
I'm In Love With My Car (1991 Remix) (Taylor) (3:29)
You're My Best Friend (1991 Remix) (Deacon) (2:50)

Album title taken from a Marx brothers film. First appearance of the Queen "crest" on the sleeve. "Death On Two Legs" most likely dedicated to Norman Sheffield, an ex-manager who had ripped the band off very badly over the previous few years. After hearing the song, he attempted unsuccessfully to sue the band. The song "'39" was inspired by a science fiction story about time dilation. The idea was that a spaceship could go off somewhere for a few years, and when it came back several decades would have gone by, as a sort of "time travel". You can hear this quite clearly in the lyrics. Brian produces a tour de force of guitar jazz effects on "Good Company", and also plays a "genuine Aloha Ukelele (made in Japan)" on the track. John plays electric piano on "You're My Best Friend". "Seaside Rendezvous" has vocal orchestration of brass by Roger, and vocal orchestration of woodwind by Freddie. Brian plays harp on "Love Of My Life". Brian sings lead vocal on "'39" and "Good Company". Roger sings lead vocal on "I'm In Love With My Car", which he dedicates to "Johnathan Harris, boy racer to the end".


Bohemian Rhapsody
Released everywhere. Standard B-side is "I'm In Love With My Car". Original Polish B-side was "Death On Two Legs". First UK ps, but version without ps much more common. Some countries have two, or even three (Holland), different ps. Broke all sorts of records, and consistently voted one of the best songs of all time in radio station polls. Also generally credited as having the first "proper" promotional video ever. Number one for an unprecedented nine weeks in the UK. However, having a Roger Taylor-penned B-side meant the royalties had to be split 50/50 between Freddie and Roger - something Freddie felt was a little unfair, according to Record Collector! A "settlement" was later reached between them. Re-issued in the US in 1976, backed with "You're My Best Friend". Re-issued in France 1978. Also 1978 commemorative blue vinyl in the UK, 200 copies for promotion only. Purple vinyl issue in 1995 from the Fan Club, 2000 only in original UK ps. 1988 CD3 adds "You're My Best Friend". Re-issued everywhere after Freddie's death, as a double A-side with "These Are The Days Of Our Lives", reaching number one again in the UK. The success of the film "Wayne's World" in the US made the song a hit there again too, on yet another re-release.

You're My Best Friend
Most countries. Standard B-side is "'39". Sadly no UK ps this time. Also on a Thailand-only EP with three other artists (there is a similar Thailand-only EP for "Bohemian Rhapsody" as well). Re-issue UK 7" in unique ps.

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