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Associated Songs

Released 1973


Keep Yourself Alive (May) (3:47)
Doing All Right (May / Staffell) (4:09)
Great King Rat (Mercury) (5:43)
My Fairy King (Mercury) (4:08)

Liar (Mercury) (6:25)
The Night Comes Down (Mercury) (4:23)
Modern Times Rock'n'Roll (Taylor) (1:48)
Son And Daughter (May) (3:20)
Jesus (Mercury) (3:44)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury) (1:15)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Tracks:
Mad The Swine (previously unreleased) (Mercury) (3:20)
Keep Yourself Alive (Long lost re-take) (May) (4:04)
Liar (1991 Remix) (Mercury) (6:25)

Queen's debut release. The version of "Seven Seas Of Rhye" is an instrumental "taster" of the track. The full version of the song was released on "Queen II" the following year. The original version of "Doing All Right" was recorded by Smile (Brian May, Roger Taylor and Tim Staffell) in 1970. "The Night Comes Down" is taken from a 1971 demo tape recorded at De Lane Lea studios. Despite being written for this album, "Mad The Swine" was not released until 1992, when it appeared in a slightly remixed form as the usual B-side to "Headlong". The version on the US CD is also the remix, although it does not say so anywhere on the sleeve or disc. John Deacon is credited as "Deacon John" on the album sleeve, because the others thought it sounded "more interesting". John disagreed though, and switched it back for the next album. Roger sings lead vocal on "Modern Times Rock'n'Roll".


Keep Yourself Alive
Most countries, although ps in Japan, Portugal and Holland only. B-side is "Son And Daughter". Edited version released in the US. Flopped everywhere, despite getting generally good reviews. In 1975, it was re-released in the US with two B-sides, "Lily Of The Valley" and "God Save The Queen". Received a third US 7" release years later on the Spun Gold label, AA-sided with "Another One Bites The Dust".

Liar (edit)
US and Canada release only, no ps. B-side is "Doing All Right". An extremely limited release. Mono/stereo promos are more common, but still quite rare. The edit was later re-released on the "Spun Gold" label in the US, as an AA-side with "Killer Queen".

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