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Queen II

Associated Songs

Released 1974


Procession (May) (1:12)
Father To Son (May) (6:12)
White Queen (As It Began) (May) (4:33)
Some Day One Day (May) (4:21)
The Loser In The End (Taylor) (4:01)

Ogre Battle (Mercury) (4:08)
The Fairy-Feller's Master-Stroke (Mercury) (2:39)
Nevermore (Mercury) (1:17)
The March Of The Black Queen (Mercury) (6:03)
Funny How Love Is (Mercury) (3:14)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (Mercury) (2:47)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Tracks:
See What A Fool I've Been (May) (4:32)
Ogre Battle (1991 Remix) (Mercury) (4:08)
Seven Seas Of Rhye (1991 Remix) (Mercury) (6:32)

On vinyl, sides labelled as "Side White" and "Side Black" instead of the usual "A" and "B". Looking at the credits, perhaps "Side Brian" and "Side Freddie" would have been more appropriate. All the tracks on "Side Black" form a segue (they run into each other), apart from "Seven Seas Of Rhye". "The Fairy-Feller's Master-Stroke" was inspired by a painting by Richard Dadd (Andrew Young has unearthed lots of details about this, including an image of the painting). "Procession" is an instrumental, and was often used as an introduction to their concerts around this time. Brian sings lead vocal on "Some Day One Day". Roger sings lead vocal on "The Loser In The End", which seems to be about his mum. What a nice boy.


Seven Seas Of Rhye
Most countries. Usual B-side is "See What A Fool I've Been", although in Japan it was "The Loser In The End". No UK ps. The 1988 CD3 adds "Funny How Love Is", which is mastered incorrectly and includes the end of "The March Of The Black Queen". In Japan the CD3 has the same tracks this time, but corrects the mastering error.

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