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A Day At The Races

Associated Songs

Released 1976


Tie Your Mother Down (May) (4:40)
You Take My Breath Away (Mercury) (4:39)
Long Away (May) (4:00)
The Millionaire Waltz (Mercury) (4:54)
You And I (Deacon) (3:25)

Somebody To Love (Mercury) (4:56)
White Man (May) (4:58)
Good Old-Fashioned Lover-Boy (Mercury) (2:53)
Drowse (Taylor) (3:43)
Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together) (May) (5:50)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Tracks:
Tie Your Mother Down (1991 Remix) (May) (3:44)
Somebody To Love (1991 Remix) (Mercury) (5:00)

Album title again taken from a Marx Brothers film. Although it isn't listed on the album sleeve, there is an instrumental intro to this album just before the first track. Its about a minute long, and there is also a matching outro attached to the end of the last track. Both are written by Brian, and are not part of the respective songs. According to Record Collector magazine, the UK remastered CD has these as separate tracks, even though it still lists "Tie Your Mother Down" as track one. Its easy to separate them anyway. "Teo Torriatte" was inspired by Queen's tours of Japan, and is sung partly in Japanese. "Tie Your Mother Down" was described as "sheer bloody poetry" by The Times. John plays acoustic guitar on "You And I". Guitar orchestration on "The Millionaire Waltz", and slide guitar on "Drowse", by Brian. Additional vocals on "Good Old-Fashioned Lover-Boy" by Mike Stone. Harmonium and plastic pianos on "Teo Torriatte" by Brian. The gospel choir heard on "Somebody To Love" is a multi-tracked recording of Brian, Roger and Freddie. Brian sings lead vocal on "Long Away". Roger sings lead vocal and electric rhythm on "Drowse". The last few words of "Drowse" are unclear, and a common source of debate.


Somebody To Love
Released everywhere. Standard B-side is "White Man", with different B-side ("Long Away") in Poland only. 1988 CD3 adds "Tie Your Mother Down". Also on a 4-track Thailand-only EP with three other artists. Their second UK ps.

Tie Your Mother Down
Most countries. Standard B-side is "You And I", Japan B-side was "Drowse". No US release. A-side does not have the "introduction" found on the album version. No UK ps.

Queen's First EP
Europe only, in ps. A four track 7" EP, with "Good Old-Fashioned Lover-Boy", "Death On Two Legs", "Tenement Funster" and "White Queen". 1988 CD3 also has all four songs, although the sleeve still says "3-track CD single" on the front. Their first and only EP.

Teo Torriatte
Japan only, in ps. B-side is "Good Old-Fashioned Lover-Boy". A-side doesn't have the "outro" found on the album version.

Long Away
US only, no ps. B-side is "You And I". Mono/stereo promos more common. "Long Away" also available on a 4-track Thailand-only EP, with three other artists. This seems to be much more collectible than the other Thailand EPs, largely due to being the only ps for "Long Away".

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