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Sheer Heart Attack

Associated Songs

Released 1974


Brighton Rock (May) (5:08)
Killer Queen (Mercury) (3:00)
Tenement Funster (Taylor) (2:48)
Flick Of The Wrist (Mercury) (3:17)
Lily Of The Valley (Mercury) (1:43)
Now I'm Here (May) (4:10)

In The Lap Of The Gods (Mercury) (3:20)
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen) (2:12)
Dear Friends (May) (1:07)
Misfire (Deacon) (1:50)
Bring Back That Leroy Brown (Mercury) (2:13)
She Makes Me (stormtrooper in stilettos) (May) (4:08)
In The Lap Of The Gods...Revisited (Mercury) (3:42)

US Hollywood Records CD Bonus Track:
Stone Cold Crazy (1991 Remix) (Queen) (2:12)

Described by John Deacon as "the album that convinced me I'd joined the right group". The guitar solo from "Brighton Rock" has evolved from "Blag" by Smile. "Killer Queen" was written about a high-class call-girl. "Tenement Funster", "Flick Of The Wrist" and "Lily Of The Valley" form a segue. "Bring Back That Leroy Brown" features Brian on "genuine George Formby ukelele-banjo". "Misfire" is the first track written by John Deacon, and John plays "almost all the guitars" on it. Brian sings lead vocal on "Dear Friends" and "She Makes Me". Roger sings lead vocal on "Tenement Funster". Its a good bet that "Flick Of The Wrist" is at least partly aimed at Norman Sheffield, a manager the band did not not part with on good terms (and the person who "Death On 2 Legs" is dedicated to, on the next album). Note some early Hollywood Records CDs had a mastering error on "In The Lap Of The Gods" (a small section of the song was missing!), although this has been fixed for some years now.


Killer Queen
Most countries. B-side (usually the AA-side) is "Flick Of The Wrist". Again, no UK ps, but nice ps from most other places. Queen's breakthrough single, and earned them a place on "Top Of The Pops" in the UK. Re-issued in Japan in 1975 with "Seven Seas Of Rhye" as the B-side. 1988 CD3 adds "Brighton Rock". A very rare 12" was issued in Venezuela in 1981, as a special "Tour Edition", and features "Keep Yourself Alive" as the B-side. US Spun Gold re-issue 7" has "Liar (edit)" as a double A-side.

Now I'm Here
Most countries. Standard B-side is "Lily Of The Valley". Japan only 1975 re-issue with "Keep Yourself Alive" as the B-side. No UK ps.

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