A Kind Of Magic

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Recorded at Townhouse, Musicland and Mountain Studios
UK release: 2nd June 1986
Highest Chart Position: 1 (63 weeks on chart)
Award status: Double platinum

USA release: 3rd June 1986
Highest Chart Position: 26 (13 weeks on chart)
Hollywood rerelease (June 1991)

Highest Japanese Chart Position: 25 (5 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 2
Highest Italian Chart Position: 8 (15 weeks on chart)

Produced by Queen, Mack and David Richards
Engineered by Mack and David Richards

Freddie Mercury : Vocals,Keyboards
John Deacon : Bass Guitar,Keyboards,Occasional Guitar
Roger Taylor : Drums,Occasional Vocals,Keyboards
Brian May : Guitar,Occasional Vocals,Keyboards,Orchestral Arrangement

Incidental Vocals on 'Don't Lose Your Head' by Joan Armatrading
UMI and BBC B (computer keyboards)
Lynton Naiff (strings on "One Year of Love")
Steve Gregory (saxophone on "One Year of Love")
National Philharmonic Orchestra (on "Who Wants To Live Forever")

Some songs on this album appear in a different form in the film 'Highlander'. "One Vision" appeared in the film 'Iron Eagle'.

One Vision
A Kind Of Magic
One Year Of Love
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
Friends Will Be Friends
Who Wants To Live Forever
Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme)
Don't Lose Your Head
Princes Of The Universe

EMI/Capitol bonus tracks:
A Kind Of 'A Kind Of Magic'
Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends

Hollywood bonus tracks:
One Vision (extended vision)

Not on the album:
Blurred Vision
A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling