Brian and Roger at MTV Music Awards, September 1992

Transcription by: Andrew G. Reid

AR's Note: I found 2 short interviews on a video tape I had of the 1992 MTV music video awards at the Pauley Pavillion, UCLA, September 1992. I also typed in the acceptance speech by Brian and Roger when the recieved the MTV award. Shown on Much Music in September of 1992. Queen won the MTV award for best video from a film. The song was "Bohemian Rhapsody" from the film "Wayne's World"

Interviewer: Michael Williams (Much Music Canada). These 3 items are in chronological order. Although on the video, they are in a different order (1,3,2))

1. Transcripton of interview with Brian May at 1992 MTV Video Music Awards. Interview before the awards ceremony regarding the success of Wayne's World.

Michael Williams: (audio trouble)...Wayne's World and just the fact that Queen has always been Queen and really in everyone's heart and all the material is out, all of the cd's are out now. Are you pleased with the job that Hollywood Records has done?

Brian May: Yeah, I'm very happy with what's happened and it's ironical that it took a comedy film to do it. You know? I think Freddie would have seen the amusing side of it and he would be proud that it is his magnum opus that's done it again. Bohemian Rhapsody is out again and young kids are realizing what a piece of stuff that was so I'm very happy and very proud. Things happen in mysterious ways, you know? We've struggled around for years thinking that one day we'd get America back and it took young Wayne to do it!

2. Transcription of interview with Brian May and Roger Taylor at the 1992 MTV Music Video awards. Interview during the awards ceremony prior to their winning the MTV award for best video from a film

Michael Williams: First Question now, tell me a little bit more about the material you recorded before Freddie's passing and what you are going to do with it.

Brian May: Um... I can't tell you very much about it. They're just a few songs. Some are more close to completion than others, but I think that they're very good and as with the Innuendo material they're quite pertinant, if you know what I mean, because we were looking at the problem, we were aware of Freddie's problem and he could barely stand, but he was singing like nothing I've ever seen. Incredible! So there's a little treat to come, definitely and we, you know, Roger, John and I hopefully will get in and finish it off at some point.

Roger Taylor: Yeah...We haven't really felt like, we didn't feel like rushing into the studio and finishing those tracks, but we're definitely going to be finishing them next year and I suppose that will obviously be the last you'll ever see of the original line up. Um...whether we work again is to be seen. We'll let nature take its course.

Michael Williams: Now...and the Charity, the Magic Johnson Foundation. Your relationship with that.

Roger Taylor: Well it's really one of a number of charities which we've helped. We've got a full time researcher in England who is, in fact based in Switzerland, and who is just really giving us all the information about great charities and the many many AIDS charities so we've tried to split the money up sensibly. It's a very difficult postion to be in and we were able to give, of course Magic's fantastic foundation, we were able to give him a good nice checque today and obviously it's good to have publicity around it because it generates more awareness which is the key thing.

Brian May: Yeah...It's a good point that Roger makes. I think that the actual awareness and the noise we make is at least as important as the money. Because it has to be a snowball thing, you know? The world has to really wake up very quickly if we're gonna get on top of this at all.

Michael Williams: Thank you...

(cut away to Bohemian Rhapsody video)

3. Transcription of Queen accepting the award for Bohemian Rhapsody (best video from a film). Award presenters: Jean-Claude Van Damme and Halley Barrey.


(AR's Note: When Bohemian Rhapsody was announced as a nominee, a cheer erupted from the crowd)

Brian May: Well...Everybody(waves to cheering crowd)! Contrary to what you may think...Can you hear me?...Yeah!...Contrary to what you may think, this is a surprise! Thay wouldn't tell us, so I'm a little overcome. I would just like to say that Freddie would be very pleased. He would cheers)...I think he would be,...he would be tickled by the irony that the only thing that would ressurect us wonderful comedy film, but I think he would have a good laugh and I think that it is a worthy tribute. So thanks very much to Wayne, and to Garth wherever you are and I'd also like to thank Hollywood Records and I have to thank Penelope Spheeris for putting us in the movie and Bruce Gowers who made that whole thing in the first place. Here's Roger.

Roger Taylor: Thank you...And we loved the movie! Thanks!

Brian May: Thank you!(acknowledges crowd)

(crowd cheers)

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