Words and music by Freddie Mercury and Mike Moran

Highest UK Chart Position: 8 (9 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 34 (3 weeks on chart) [37-34-38]

1992 'Olympics' reissue

Highest UK Chart Position: 2 (8 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 2 (10 weeks on chart) [27-14-7-5-2-2-2-6-13-26]
Highest Australian Chart Position: 42 (3 weeks on chart)

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Barcelona Barcelona
Barcelona Barcelona

I had this perfect dream
-Un sueno me envolvio
This dream was me and you
-Tal vez estas aqui
I want all the world to see
-Un instinto me guiaba
A miracle sensation
My guide and inspiration
Now my dream is slowly coming true

The wind is a gentle breeze
-El me hablo de ti
The bells are ringing out
-El canto vuela
They're calling us together
Guiding us forever
Wish my dream would never go away

Barcelona - It was the first time that we met
Barcelona - How can I forget
The moment that you stepped into the room you took my breath away
Barcelona - La musica vibros
Barcelona - Y ella nos unio
And if god willing we will meet again someday

Let the songs begin
-Dejalo nacer
Let the music play
Make the voices sing
-Nace un gran amor
Start the celebration
-Van a mi
And cry
Come alive
And shake the foundations from the skies
Ah,Ah,Shaking all our lives

Barcelona - Such a beautiful horizon
Barcelona - Like a jewel in the sun
Por ti sere gaviota de tu bella mar
Barcelona - Suenan las campamas
Barcelona - Abre tus puertas al mundo
If god is willing
-If god is willing
If god is willing
Friends until the end
Viva - Barcelona