Blue Rock

Recorded at Real World Studios, Bath and Mountain Studios, Montreux
Mixed at Roundhouse Studios, mastered at Townhouse Studios
German release: 9th September 1991

Produced and engineered by Mark Wallis
Design by Richard Gray
Cover photography by Mike Jackson, photographic montage by Graham Temple

Roger Taylor - lead vocals
Clayton Moss - guitars
Peter Noone - bass
Josh Macrae - drums

Additional Musicians:
Geoffrey Richardson - violin/viola on Baby It's Alright and Life Changes
Helen Liebman - cello on Baby It's Alright and Life Changes
Candy and Clare Yates - backing vocals on Baby It's Alright and The Also Rans

Bad Attitude
New Dark Ages
Dirty Mind
Baby It's Alright
Ain't Put Nothin' Down
The Also Rans
Put It All Down To Love
Hand of Fools
Life Changes

Not on the album