A list of Cameo appearances and Collaborations

This list contains only summary information on formats, and country information is omitted unless it is important (e.g. for Steve Hackett).
Al Stewart Anita Dobson Artists United for Nature Bad News Billy Squier Black Sabbath Camy Todorow Carmine Appice's Guitar Zeus Chris Thompson Cozy Powell D-Rok Def Leppard Dweezil Zappa Eddie Howell Elton John Eugene Wallace Extreme Feargal Sharkey Five Fox Fuzzbox Gary Numan George Michael Gordon Giltrap Hale and Pace Hank Marvin Heavy Pettin Hilary Hilary Holly Johnson Ian and Belinda Ian Hunter Immortals Jeffrey Osborne Jennifer Rush Jerry Lee Lewis Jimmy Nail Jo Dare Judy Tzuke Kansas Left Handed Marriage Living In A Box Lonnie Donegan Magnum Man Friday and Jive Junior Meat Loaf Mel Smith Mick Ronson Minako Honda Nakes Sushi Os Paralamas Do Sucesso Paul Rodgers Pavarotti Peter Straker Phenomena Ramoncín Rock Against Repatriation Rock Aid Armenia Rock Therapy Rocky Horror Show Roger Daltry (this space is intentionally blank) Shakin' Stevens Sigue Sigue Sputnik S.O.L. Soundgarden Status Quo Steve Hackett Tony Martin Virginia Wolf

Unreleased collaborations

The following cameo appearances have (as far as I know) never been released. If anyone has proof that they have then I would be delighted to hear it

Unconfirmed collaborations

The following cameos are rumoured but not confirmed

Morris Minor And The Majors - Stutter Rap (7",12")
Morris Minor And The Majors - This Is The Chorus (7",12",CD)
John was friends of these and appeared in both videos. It is possible he played bass or produced, but this is never confirmed. A third single was mentioned in a 1989 Radio 1 interview but has never appeared.

The Others - Oh Yeah/I'm Taking Her Home (7")
The Others were a Hampton Grammer School band. Brian did play with them occasionally, but is not on this single.

White Soxx - Versailles (7")
This song is written and produced by 'Frederic Mercier'. This is rumoured to have been Freddie, but it has never been confirmed. It probably isn't, though some of the harmony vocals do sound reminiscent.

Gavin York - Injured Innocence (LP)
There is a "Brian May" credit on the sleeve of this, though what he is doing on the album (and even if it is our Brian May) is far from certain. Having heard the album, I would say it is somewhat unlikely.

Jose Lucas - Electric Rhumba (French 7" single)
There is a "B.May" credit on the label of this single, though it seems unlikely it would be Brian.

Kansas - Audio Visions (LP)
Allegedly, Roger plays on four tracks, but is not credited. The reasoning behind this comes from the strange wording that used to be in Fan Club biographies, but I think that is a red herring and there is no Roger involvement in this record.

Peter Straker - The Changeling (LP)
Peter Straker - Real Natural Man (LP)
Some songs on these are credited to 'Mercury Songs'. Straker was a friend of Freddie's, and financed three albums (these two and "This One's On Me") through his companies 'Goose Producions' and 'Mercury Songs'. It seems that other than a financial involvement, there isn't any other Freddie connection in these two albums,