Lyrics of Cameo appearances and Collaborations

This is a subset of the full list of collaborations, and just gives the most interesting tracks without any information about where to get them (see the full list for that). Typically, I will just type in lyrics for individual songs that Queen members worked on. Where they have produced a whole album I'll normally just give lyrics for the songs that were released as singles or any they sang backing vocals on.

Dates are for year of release, not of recording.

Al Stewart
Roads To Moscow [1974]

Anita Dobson
Talking of Love [1987]
The Last Time I Made Love [1988]
You Can't Stay The Night [1988]
I Dream Of Christmas [1987]
Funny Old Life Ain't It [1988]
Let Me In (your heart again) [1988]
To Know Him Is To Love Him [1988]
Don't Fall In Love With Anyone Else [1988]
Sweet Talking [1987]
Silly Christmas [1987]
In One Of My Weaker Moments [1988]

Artists United for Nature
Yes We Can [1992]

Bad News
Bad News [1987]
Masturbike [1987]
Drink Till I Die [1987]
Hey Hey Bad News [1987]
Warriors of Gengis Khan [1987]
Bohemian Rhapsody [1987]
Life With Brian [1987]
Pretty Woman [1987]
Cashing In On Christmas [1987]

Billy Squier
Emotions In Motion [1982]
(Another) 1984 [1984]
Love Is The Hero [1986]
Lady With The Tenor Sax [1986]

Black Sabbath
When Death Calls [1989]

Camy Todorow
Bursting At The Seams [1985]

Carmine Appice
Nobody Knew (black white house) [1995]

Chris Thompson
Shift In The Wind parts 1 and 2 [1985]

Cozy Powell
Ride To Win [1992]
Somewhere in Time [1992]

Get Out Of My Way [1991]
Red Planet Blues [1991]

Def Leppard
Now I'm Here [1992]

Dweezil Zappa
Shampoo Horn [1993] (album - tracks unknown)

Eddie Howell
Man From Manhattan [1975]

Elton John
Too Young [1985]
Angeline [1986]

Eugene Wallace
Dangerous [1975] (album - tracks unknown)

Love Of My Life [1992]

Feargal Sharkey
Loving You [1985]

Survival [1975]

Self! [1989]

Gary Numan
Crash [1981]
You Are You Are [1981]
Moral [1981]

George Michael
Somebody to Love [1993]

George Michael and Lisa Stansfield
These Are The Days Of Our Lives [1993]

Gordon Giltrap
Heartsong [1995]

Hale and Pace
The Stonk [1991]

Hank Marvin
We Are The Champions [1992]

Heavy Pettin
In And Out Of Love [1983]
Broken Heart [1983]
Love On The Run [1983]
Love Times Love [1983]
Victims Of The Night [1983]
Rock Me [1983]
Shout It Out [1983]
Devil In Her Eyes [1983]
Hell Is Beautiful [1983]

Hilary Hilary
How Come You're So Dumb [1980]
Rich Kid Blues [1980]

Holly Johnson
Love Train [1989]

Ian and Belinda
Who Wants To Live Forever [1989]

Ian Hunter
You Nearly Did Me In [1976]
Michael Picasso [1997]

Jeffrey Osborne
Stay With Me Tonight [1983]
Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right [1983]

Jennifer Rush
Who Wants To Live Forever [1995]

Jerry Lee Lewis
The Killer Live (video) [1991]

Jimmy Nail
Love Don't Live Here Anymore [1985]

Judy Tzuke
I Can Read Books [1992]

Diamonds and Pearls [1982]
Play The Game Tonight [1982]
Right Away [1982]

Left Handed Marriage
Appointment [1967]
She Was Once My Friend [1967]
I Need Time [1967]

Living In A Box
Blow The House Down [1989]

Lonnie Donegan
Digging My Potatoes [1978]

Lonely Night [1986]
Need A Lot Of Love [1986]
Sometime Love [1986]
Midnight [1986]
Red On The Highway [1986]
Holy Rider [1986]
When The World Comes Down [1986]
Vigilante [1986]
Back Street Kid [1986]

Man Friday and Jive Junior
Picking Up Sounds [1983]

Meat Loaf
A Time For Heroes [1987]

Mel Smith
Mel Smith's Greatest Hits [1981]
Richard and Joey [1981]

Mick Ronson
All The Young Dudes [1994]

Minako Honda
Roulette [1987]
Crazy Nights [1987] (English version)
Crazy Nights [1987] (Japanese version)
Golden Days [1987] (English version)
Golden Days [1987] (Japanese version)

Naked Sushi
Carnivorous Girl [1999]

Os Paralamas Do Sucesso
El Vampiro Bajo El Sol [1994]

Paul Rodgers
I'm Ready [1993]

Pavarotti and Friends
Too Much Love Will Kill You [1993]
La Donna E Mobile [1993]

Peter Straker
Ragtime Piano Joe [1977]
Jackie [1977]

Whole Lot Of Love [1993]

Como Un Susurro [1986]

Rock Against Repatriation
Sailing [1990]

Rock Aid Armenia
Smoke on the Water [1989]

Rock Therapy
Reaching Out [1996]

Rocky Horror Show
Wild And An Untamed Thing [1995]

Roger Daltry
Under A Raging Moon [1985]

Shakin' Stevens
Radio [1992]

Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Dancerama [1989]

Make My Dream Come True [1995]

New Damage [1994]

Status Quo
Raining In My Heart [1996]

Steve Hackett
Cassandra [1993]
Don't Fall Away From Me [1992]

Tony Martin
If There Is A Heaven [1992]

Virginia Wolf
Waiting For Your Love [1986]