(another) 1984

Words and Music by Billy Squier

From over the air comes a voice without care
Says we're doing all right
But day out and day in from what he's been saying
We're in for a fight
I glance at myself and the world rushing by
I can see for myself and the fear comes alive
Shades of termination, we're dying to survive

Nineteen eighty four
Machines is the mind, it will rule by design
So you're never alone
We store information without confirmation
Accept the unknown
I think to myself of the times we have tried
To be true to ourselves and to live with the lie
Avoid the contradictions, just keep yourself alive

Nineteen eighty four
I can't help it, I can't help it, I can't help it
Life is your decision, we choose to do or die
Can you live with the reality of nineteen eighty five?

Polite conversation ain't no consolation
For blanks in your eyes
Amid the confusionthere lives the illusion
That love will survive
But I got a chance with myself if I try
To be sure of myself and myself choose to try
Fight for stimulation and love to stay alive

Nineteen eighty four