Richard and Joey

Words and Music by Smith-Brewis

Oh, hi Joey
Hello Richard
How did it go?
Oh not bad not bad, how did you go down?
Oh fine thanks
Here, what's wrong Dick? you're looking a bit down
Oh come on Richard, tell your old mate Joey, get it off your chest, eh?

You've heard that old story
It's nothing new since he walked out on me
I've been so lost in the crowd wearing a shroud night and day
And I don't care what people say

Yeah, I know what you mean mate, it's not that bad

My life's an old movie in kodachrome
Lines on a silver screen
My life's a gay masquerade, colours that fade and then die
Please take my hand, please tell me why

Yeah, I mean...

Keep me alone, my vigil over the phone
My love please let me I'm told I'm turning to stone out here
Steady on Dick, steady on
My movie's all going wrong, there is no end to the song
I'm left alone on the stage, trapped in a cage and I've dried

Please take your hand away, you fucking poof
Who cares what people say
They say it's never too late
Come off it mate
Please be kind
Look Dick, I'm not that way inclined