The Complete Works

UK release 2nd December 1985

A limited edition boxed set comprising of:

Queen I
Queen II
Sheer Heart Attack
A Night At The Opera
A Day At The Races
News Of The World
Live Killers (double)
The Game
Flash Gordon
Hot Space
The Works
Complete Vision

All fourteen albums were digitally remastered and packaged in plain white sleeves with an embrossed Crest on the cover and gold numerals. The original artwork was included in one of the two booklets that came with the package. Limited edition (number unknown) with first 600 being signed by Queen.

All albums have same track listing as original albums. Track listing for Complete Vision: (all were, at the time of release, unavailable on any album)

See What A Fool I've Been
A Human Body
Soul Brother
I Go Crazy
Thank God It's Christmas
One Vision
Blurred Vision

The box also contained: a world map showing where Queen have played and charted; a book showing album covers; and a tour itinerary of the world up to that time, showing a list of equipment they carry with them.