Tavaszi Szél

Traditional Hungarian folksong

Performed at Népstadion, Budapest, Hungary on 27th July 1986

Apparently translated by manowar

Tavaszi Szél vizet áraszt
Virágom, virágom
Minden madár társat választ
Virágom, virágom

Hát én immár kit válasszak
Virágom, virágom
Te engemet, én tégedet
Virágom, virágom

The translation goes something like this :

Fall winds create floods
My flower, my flower
All the birds choose companions for themselves
My flower, my flower

Who shall I choose
My flower, my flower
You shall choose me and I shall choose you
My flower, my flower

This is not the greatest translation but I hope it gets the point across and it is accurate. When I write flower it means something like dear, sweetheart etc...

Now a short guide to pronounciation :

sz : english 's'
á : "I", "why", "Mile"
e : eh
i : english 'e'
é : "laid", "paid"
a : somewhere between "I" and "all" - not as closed as "all" but not as open as "I".