A Day At The Races

Recorded July to November 1976 at The Manor, Wessex and Sarm East Studios
UK release: Friday 10th December 1976
Highest Chart Position: 1 (24 weeks on chart)
Award status: Gold

USA release: 18th December 1976
Highest Chart Position: 5 (19 weeks on chart)
Hollywood rerelease (5th March 1991)
Award status: Gold

Highest Japanese Chart Position: 1 (11 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 1
Highest Italian Chart Position: 15 (11 weeks on chart)

Produced by Queen
Engineered by Mike Stone
Cover Concept by Freddie

Freddie Mercury : Vocal,Piano,Choir Master,Tantrums
Brian May : Guitars,Vocal,Leader of the Orchestra,Harmonium Piano,Plastic Piano
Roger Taylor : Drums,Vocal,Percussion,Pandemonium
John Deacon : Fender Bass,Acoustic Guitar
No synths!

Tie Your Mother Down
You Take My Breath Away
Long Away
The Millionaire Waltz
You And I
Somebody To Love
White Man
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Teo Torriate (Let Us Cling Together)

Hollywood bonus tracks:

Tie Your Mother Down (1991 remix, Matt Wallace)
Somebody To Love (1991 remix, Randy Badazz)