Teo Toriatte (let us cling together)

Words and music by Brian May

With special thanks to our Japanese friend and interpreter Chika Kujiraoka

Te is Japanese for the word hand. O is the partical that indicates the object. Toru means to take. Toriatte is the form of the verb that means please take. More polite would be toiatekudasai. The phrase means please take my hand.

A literal word-for-word translation would be as follows:

Teo:         hand/hands [doesn't distinguish between number]
toriatte:    hold
konomama:    as it is
iko:         go

Aisuruhito:  to a loved one
yo:          dear

Shizukana:   silent
yoi:         night/dusk
ni:          in/at

Hikario:     light/lamp
tomoshi:     turn on; connected with fire [very poetic expresion]

Itoshiki:    lovely
oshieo:      a word from god/instructions/something given by a
             respected or highly educated person or persons [a
             very religion word]
idaki:       keep/have
Note that the Japanese consider "toriatte" as the correct spelling!