Queen Discography

Welcome to the International Queen Discography, alternatively known as the "Trainspotter's Guide To The Records Of Queen".

The idea was that it would list every variation of every Queen or solo release, and that it could be queried in every imaginable way (the "every"s never came true, but that was the target).

All entries are classified according to how reliable they are, and how collectable they are. Therefore, it is more likely to be used as a reference for collectors rather than an informal description of what is available (the old discography is still available if an informal description is what is wanted). However, I hope there will be something of interest here for everyone.

I stopped updating the information in October 1999.








Querying the database

Sample extracts

Many thanks to all contributors, especially Michael Ehrt, Tony Bale, Paulo Teixeira, Alan Moss, Andreas Voigts, Karim Navarrini, Leo Palma, Paul Scheffer, Henrique Seligman