Collaboration Singles

Carmine Appice (with Brian)Nobody Knew0001011
Artists United For Nature (with Brian)Yes We Can2103063
Bad News (with Brian, John)Bohemian Rhapsody4100052
Bad News (with Brian)Cashing In On Christmas2200041
D-Rok (with Brian)Get Out Of My Way0101021
Roger Daltry (with Roger)Under A Raging Moon4200063
Def Leppard (with Brian)Now I'm Here1102042
Anita Dobson (with Brian)Talking Of Love1200031
Anita Dobson (with Brian)I Dream Of Christmas2100031
Anita Dobson (with Brian)To Know Him Is To Love Him1000011
Anita Dobson (with Brian)In One Of My Weaker Moments1100021
Extreme (with Brian)Love Of My Life1101031
Fuzzbox (with Brian)Self62110104
Hale And Pace (with Brian, Roger)The Stonk1202163
Heavy Pettin (with Brian)In And Out Of Love3100042
Heavy Pettin (with Brian)Rock Me1100021
Heavy Pettin (with Brian)Love Times Love2100031
Hilary Hilary (with Roger)How Come You're So Dumb1000011
Minako Honda (with Brian)Golden Days2101042
Minako Honda (with Brian)Crazy Nights2100032
Eddie Howell (with Freddie, Brian)Man From Manhattan5003086
Ian Hunter (with Freddie, Brian, Roger)You Nearly Did Me In1000011
Ian Hunter (with Roger)Michael Picasso0001011
Ian And Belinda (with Brian, Roger, John)Who Wants To Live Forever1100021
Holly Johnson (with Brian)Love Train44110106
Kansas (with Roger)Play The Game Tonight4000044
Kansas (with Roger)Right Away1100021
Kansas (with Roger)Diamonds And Pearls0100011
Living In A Box (with Brian)Blow The House Down55020124
Jose Lucas (with Brian)Electric Rhumba2100031
Magnum (with Roger)Lonely Night5300084
Magnum (with Roger)Midnight2300052
Magnum (with Roger)When The World Comes Down On You2100032
Magnum (with Roger)Need A Lot Of Love1100021
Man Friday And Jive Junior (with John)Picking Up Sounds1200032
Tony Martin (with Brian)If There Is A Heaven1001021
Hank Marvin (with Brian)We Are The Champions1002031
Meat Loaf (with Brian)A Time For Heroes0102142
Morris Minor And The Majors (with John)Stutter Rap1100021
Morris Minor And The Majors (with John)This Is The Chorus1101031
Naked Sushi (with Roger)Carnivorous Girl0002021
Jimmy Nail (with Roger)Love Don't Live Here Any More5200074
Jeffrey Osborne (with Brian)Stay With Me Tonight4500093
Ramoncin (with Brian)Como Un Susurro2100031
Rock Against Repatriation (with Brian)Sailing1001021
Rock Aid Armenia (with Brian, Roger)Smoke On The Water4401093
Rock Therapy (with Brian)Reaching Out0001121
Shaky (with Roger)Radio2002152
Feargal Sharkey (with Roger)Loving You4302093
Sigue Sigue Sputnik (with Roger)Dancerama1401062
Mel Smith (with Roger)Mel Smiths Greatest Hits1000011
Billy Squier (with Freddie, Roger)Emotions In Motion5100063
Billy Squier (with Brian)Another 19840100011
Billy Squier (with Freddie)Love Is The Hero4400085
Peter Straker (with Freddie)Ragtime Piano Joe4000044
Peter Straker (with Freddie)Jackie1000011
Camy Todorow (with Roger)Bursting At The Seams2100032
Virginia Wolf (with Roger)Waiting For Your Love2000022
Virginia Wolf (with Roger)It's In Your Eyes1000011