Rarity Ratings

A rarity rating scheme used in the discography to try and give an idea of the collectability of each record. The rating is devised from a number of parameters, including price, scarcity and general interestingness. It is, of course, just my opinion and "what you like to collect" is a far more important criterion.

The rating categories are as follows:

The discography breaks down as follows...

  1. common (1787 entries)
  2. average (1272 entries)
  3. uncommon (411 entries)
  4. scarce (227 entries)
  5. rare (136 entries)
  6. megarare (93 entries)
  7. impossible (27 entries)
Remember, mint and excellent mean there should be barely any deterioration in condition. Prices should always be adjusted accordingly for poorer condition records.

A number of other tabulations are available: