Entry status

Every entry in the discography is assigned a status which is intended to indicate the probability that the record does or does not exist. I have tried to make the discography a union of many collection lists, and therefore most entries should be completely reliable. However, many juicy and tempting records fall outside these criteria, and the discography would not be useful if these were not included (many people will say it is not useful at all!). Therefore, I have indicated which records I have seen, and which I have just heard about.

The entry statuses used are as follows:

The discography breaks down as follows...

  1. advert (44 entries)
  2. definite (3714 entries)
  3. fake (24 entries)
  4. report (131 entries)
  5. rumour (36 entries)
  6. withdrawn (4 entries)
A number of other tabulations are available: