Capital Radio Rock Masterclass


In November 1983, shortly after the release of the Star Fleet album, Brian appeared in one of a series of masterclasses organised by London's Capital Radio. In front of a live audience, he spent an hour going through his equipment and methods - including numerous demonstrations.

As part of his demonstration of multi-part guitar harmonies, Brian presented an electric-guitar arrangement of a "Pavan" (a traditional 16th century dance). Two student-guitarists were used to demonstrate how the harmonies were constructed and, at the end of the masterclass, Brian and the two students played through the entire piece together. This un-named piece (which I simply have called "Pavan" and which lasts about a minute and a half) has never been performed since, and is only available on this cassette.

To round off the class, Brian played "Love Of My Life" on an acoustic guitar - this was his first live solo performance of this song. He didn't sing - the audience were given that honour.

The masterclass series was broadcast on Capital Radio in April 1984. After the broadcasts, cassettes were sold in the Capital Radio foyer - it is almost certain they were never available in any shops, and this makes it likely that a relatively small number of copies exist.

As well as originals of the cassette, it is also very likely that unofficial FM quality recordings of the radio broadcast of the show will exist. These will, of course, lack the cassette inlay card (reproduced above) and will also include commercials.