Fun In Space

Recorded at Mountain Studios
UK release: Monday 6th April 1981
Highest Chart Position: 18 (5 weeks on chart)

USA release: 9th April 1981
Highest Chart Position: 121 (1 week on chart)

Highest Dutch Chart Position: 24 (7 weeks on chart)

Produced by Roger

Roger Taylor : Instruments and Vocals
David Richards : Approx 50% of keyboards

All influences conscious, subconscious and unconscious
P.S. Hello listeners. I hope you enjoy and have fun with this, my very own album.
I like it. If you don't, sod you.
P.P.S. 157 Synthesizers

No Violins
Laugh Or Cry
Future Management
Let's Get Crazy
My Country I & II
Good Times Are Now
Magic Is Loose
Interlude In Constantinople
Fun In Space