Recorded at Cosford Mill on two sony pcm 3324s
UK release: Monday 5th September 1994
Highest Chart Position: 22

Highest Dutch Chart Position: 53 (5 weeks on chart)

Produced by Roger and Joshua J. Macrae
Engineered by Joshua J. Macrae
Mastered by Chris Blair at Abbey Road

Design by Roger Taylor and Richard Gray
Photography by Richard Gray, Simon Fowler, George Taylor, Art Directors Photo Library

Roger Taylor: drums, vocals, guitars and stuff
Jason Falloon: guitars
Phil Spalding: bass
Mike Crossley: piano and keyboards
Catherine Porter: backing vocals
Joshua J Macrae: programming

Drums by ludwig, cymbals by zildjian, guitars by fender

"Everything exists in limited quantity - especially happiness"... Picasso

Dedicated to the tasmanian tiger - thylacinus cynocephalus
but most especially... for Freddie

Nazis 1994
Touch The Sky
Foreign Sand
Freedom Train
'You Had To Be There'
The Key
Everybody Hurts Sometime
Dear Mr Murdoch
Old Friends

Extra track in Japan
Final Destination
(Japan did not have 'Dear Mr Murdoch', although there is a VERY rare Japanese promo CD that not only does have DMM on it, but has a different version of the song!)