Hot Space

Recorded December 1981 to March 1982 at Mountain and Musicland Studios
UK release: 21st May 1982
Highest Chart Position: 4 (19 weeks on chart)
Award status: Gold

USA release: 25th May 1982
Highest Chart Position: 22 (21 weeks on chart)
Hollywood rerelease (5th March 1991)
Award status: Gold

Highest Japanese Chart Position: 6 (11 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 2
Highest Italian Chart Position: 8 (13 weeks on chart)

Produced by Queen and Mack (and David Bowie)
Cover Concept by Freddie

Hot and Spacey horns on 'Staying Power' by Arif Martin

Staying Power
Back Chat
Body Language
Action This Day
Put Out The Fire
Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)
Calling All Girls
Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
Cool Cat
Under Pressure

Hollywood bonus tracks:
Body Language (1991 remix, Susan Rogers)

Not on the album:
Soul Brother