Recorded July to October 1978 at Mountain and Super Bear Studios
UK release: Friday 10th November 1978
Highest Chart Position: 2 (27 weeks on chart)
Award status: Gold

USA release: 14th November 1978
Highest Chart Position: 6 (17 weeks on chart)
Hollywood rerelease (June 1991)
Award status: Platinum

Highest Japanese Chart Position: 5 (30 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 4
Highest Italian Chart Position: 36 (4 weeks on chart)

Produced by Queen and Roy Thomas Baker
Engineered by Geoff Workman
Cover Concept by Queen

Freddie Mercury : Vocals,Piano
Brian May : Guitar,Vocals
Roger Taylor : Percussion,Vocals
John Deacon : Bass Guitar

Bicycles supplied by Halfords. Thunderbolt courtesy of god
This album is dedicated to John Harris

Fat Bottomed Girls
Bicycle Race
If You Can't Beat Them
Let Me Entertain You
Dead On Time
In Only Seven Days
Dreamers Ball
Fun It
Leaving Home Ain't Easy
Don't Stop Me Now
More Of That Jazz

Hollywood bonus tracks:

Fat Bottomed Girls (1991 Remix by Brian Malouf)
Bicycle Race (1991 Remix by Junior Vasquez)