Live Magic

Recorded at Wembley Stadium and Knebworth Park, England and Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary.
UK release: 1st December 1986
Highest Chart Position: 3 (40 weeks on chart)
Award status: Platinum

Highest Japanese Chart Position: 49 (3 weeks on chart)
Highest Dutch Chart Position: 17
Highest Italian Chart Position: 22 (9 weeks on chart)

Produced by Queen / Trip Khalaf
Engineered by John 'Teddy Bear' Brough

One Vision [KP]
Tie Your Mother Down [KP]
Seven Seas of Rhye [KP]
A Kind of Magic # [NB]
Under Pressure [NB]
Another One Bites the Dust # [KP]
I Want to Break Free [KP]
Is This the World We Created? [WF]
Bohemian Rhapsody # [KP]
Hammer To Fall # [WS]
Radio Ga-Ga [KP]
We Will Rock You [KP]
Friends Will Be Friends [KP]
We Are The Champions [KP]
God Save The Queen [KP]

# - edited on the vinyl release (Bo Rhap still edited on the CD)
KP - recorded live at Knebworth Park 9/8/86
NB - recorded live at Nepstadion, Budapest 27/7/86
WF - recorded live at Wembley Stadium 11/7/86
WS - recorded live at Wembley Stadium 12/7/86