Record Collector's Web Watch

Issue 242 of "Record Collector" magazine (October 1999) featured a review of Queen web sites, and I am very proud to say my page got a mention!

The reviewer is quite correct in noting that the style of my page is very different to the other Queen pages in existence. However, this is a deliberate policy I have adopted for many years, for the following reasons:

So I have little interest in adding graphics, frames, backgrounds, sounds or visual enhancements (and I also have no time for doing so). However, I do take very seriously any problems anyone may have with finding their way around the pages.
The 20th Feb 1996 issue of "FM Station" magazine in Japan had a review of web sites, with me getting a little mention

The first bit says something like "This page is very simple and has only letters on a normal gray, but it has a high documentary value", so I assume the rest is the same mixture of supportive and critical as the RC article. I can see it pointing out that "I'm Scared" had 620 words, so it must have commented on the list of songs in verbosity order. And I assume "62876" was the total words in all songs, as calculated at the time.