Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Words and music by Freddie Mercury

Recording information by Philipp

Recorded June 1979 at Musicland-Studios,Munich.

The history of this song starts in the bathroom of the Munich-Hilton hotel and reaches his peak with the no.1 spot in the USA.

At first Roger and John did the backing track. Roger used only a snare, a bass-drum, a Hi-Hat and a crash cymbal. John played a Fender bass.

Freddie did the acoustic rhythm guitars (12 string-Ovations). At first the basic rhythm guitar and then a second track to double parts of the first one or add a few things. It was probably the only thing he could play on guitar(But he did a good job).

And they also did a (looped?) handclap-track, which appears with (with a few gaps) the whole track.

Then Brian came and added the electric solo-guitar. Mack (producer) made him play with an old Fender Telecaster (Roger's guitar). As amp they used a Mesa/Boogie. He played with this equipment under protest, but it suited very well this track.

Then they did the backing vocals and lead vocal.

Tempo:150(12/8 measure)